Our good friends over at Raices in Coachella put on a Dia de los Muertos show every year.  Last year they outgrew their old venue and are excited to announce that this year they will be going bigger and better, taking it to new levels.  In doing so, they need your help.  They need more artists to get involved!  So read below to see how you can contribute, be featured, volunteer, etc etc

Submission Deadline for Artists is Oct. 1st

Dia de los Muertos festival is November 1st



About Raices Cultura

Raices Cultura is a Coachella-based nonprofit organization with a mission to create space for artistic and cultural expression, promote healthy communities, and strengthen the voice of the communities of the Eastern Coachella Valley.  We utilize art as a vehicle for youth empowerment and engage in projects for Dia de los Muertos, the Hue Festival, and the Coachella Music and Art Festival.


What We Are Planning

On Friday, November 1st, 2013 we are planning on bringing the annual Dia de los Muertos celebration to Downtown 6th Street Coachella as a lively street festival experience for the entire Coachella Valley and reimagine the Downtown with massive art installations of calaveras (skulls) and community altars along the street.  The event has outgrown the previous venue, thanks to great community support, and so we think it is time to grow our efforts.  We are looking to utilize Coachella downtown empty storefronts as a showcase for local visual artists and make the downtown come to life at night.  We plan to have performances by local bands, Danza Azteca, Balet Folklorico, and spoken word.  Your contribution will support youth and local artists to implement this vision and demonstrate the power of art and culture to transform downtown Coachella into a empowering community experience.




to get involved, email: