Looking to get into something a little weird this week?  Look no further.  The very weird and oddly sexy creature, Har Mar Superstar, will be performing live at Pappy & Harriet’s this Friday night.

This man is magnificent!  He is a great singer and even more alluring performer.

Get there early because his cult following doesn’t give cuts.






Info via pappyandharriets.com:


$12 Tickets online here

$14 at the door



“I’d travel to the edge of the earth to hear that man sing.” —SF Weekly

“He’s a singular performer who struts with enviable assurance; his confident swagger fills the room.” —Metro

Bye Bye 17, the new album from acclaimed singer, songwriter
and performer Har Mar Superstar (aka Sean Tillmann), is currently out on
Cult Records. Already receiving widespread critical praise, BULLETT
calls the album, “impossibly groovy and infectious,” while KCRW
asserts, “I’d call the album a guilty pleasure but I don’t feel guilty
at all. It’s just packed full of hooks.” Additionally, of the album’s
first single, “Lady, You Shot Me,” Death + Taxes declares, “Har Mar Superstar returns with the song of his career,” while MTV Buzzworthy calls it a “Buzzworthy Obsession.”

Of asking him to join the label, Cult Records founder Julian Casablancas
notes, “First time I saw Sean was at the Mercury Lounge years back, and
I was blown away by his voice, his confidence and his showmanship. When
he recently played me his new record, I felt it was something we could
help make truly great. He’s the man with the golden voice, and we’re
excited to try and turn people on to that fact… Like the dude himself,
the record’s just tough, sad, hilarious and rad.”

Written in New York City, the 10-song album was recorded at co-producer
Jim Eno‘s (Spoon) Austin studio with a full live band. Focusing this
time more on his voice, Tillmann says, “I was listening to a lot of Otis
Redding and Sam Cooke at the time, and I’ve always been obsessed with
those guys… ‘Restless Leg,’ ‘We Don’t Sleep,’ ‘Prisoner’ and ‘Rhythm
Bruises’ came out of people playing together. But the rest were just
like me in a room, gettin’ weird, by myself.” See below for full

Tillmann named his flamboyant alter-ego after the Har Mar mall in
suburban St. Paul, MN where he spent his youth watching movies and
writing songs about passers-by in the food court. Tillman explains, “Har
Mar Superstar used to be a different person. It used to be my excuse to
get away with the more fantastic things in life… It was easier to get
onstage as this other guy and be outrageous and have it be glorified. I
guess the confidence I got from being Har Mar Superstar translated into
my real life, so now we’re one and the same.”