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April 1 – May 17 | Free Art Hide and Seek/Geocache with Nick Bahula | Other 22 Riverside Neighborhoods

The Riverside Art Make has some art fun in store for all of the other 22 neighborhoods in Riverside! “The Riverside Art Make is working in four neighborhoods this year,” says Riverside Art Make Community Engagement Curator Carolyn Schutten, “but we wanted to show the love for all of Riverside. So artist Nick Bahula will be hiding his unique wood photo transfer art in each of the 22 neighborhoods we are not visiting.”

Bahula will be pushing forward his Free Arts Movement in Southern California by leaving free art for people to find on April 1. By using Instagram (@artmakearthunt), Bahula will post photo clues of where he hid his art. Followers can then head out on a scavenger hunt.


nick bahula

UPDATE: …a message from Nick Bahula…
“On April 1st there will be 22 #freeart packages hidden around all of the City of Riverside. I will post clues and hints through out the day. Follow on Instagram at @artmakearthunt and on twitter at @bahula and I will post pictures on here as well. It would be rad if when anyone goes to find a piece that they leave some free art for the next person. It can be a poem or a drawing,painting,book….Help spread the #freeartsmovement! Are you ready Riverside?”

“Each person who finds Nick’s work will hopefully post a photo of themselves with the art on social media (#riversideartmake, #artmakearthunt) and then make a piece of art for someone else to find – causing the free art movement to grow and sparking a wave of art making throughout Riverside,” says Schutten.

Bahula’s intent is to get people out exploring the city, to stop and look around and just take a moment to appreciate their neighborhoods. “The goal is to engage the community in a unique way,” says Bahula. “An art scavenger hunt physically creates a connection with the viewer and the piece of artwork. By creating this bond we are making a permanent mark on the individual. It is my hope that I am able to create an experience for the people who are searching for the artwork.”

Join the Free Art Hide and Seek/Geocache with Nick Bahula. Let’s create a wave of art making, and sharing, across Riverside!