This Thursday evening The Seven Six will present their 3rd street wear fashion trade show.  The event showcases 10 independent street wear fashion designers that are on the rise.  Many of the clothing companies are based out of the Coachella Valley, however there are few from our neighboring communities as well.

The CVAS attended the last two shows that The Seven Six hosted and were impressed.  We are excited to see someone from the Coachella Valley who has taken their interest in street fashion and build an event around it, encouraging local designers and buyers to come out of the closet.  😉 lol

Founder to The Seven Six is the young and dedicated, Omar Czar.  We had the opportunity to catch up with Omar before his big event this Thursday at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs and find out what his background and future look like.

The Seven Six Trade Show is free, open to all ages and happening this Thursday.  See you there!…

the seven six tradeshow



The Seven Six trade show will be presenting their 3rd trade show in the Coachella Valley this time at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. There will be 11 participating companies showcasing their latest season collections in streetwear and accessories.

This event will be taking place poolside and inside the communes, We’ll have food, drinks, and music provided by resident djs and special guests, We’ll also have guest Q&A’s by experienced designers in the industry who will be engaging with our community.

As a local organization we aspire to achieve a new anchor in our hometown for those who like to express themselves through fashionable apparel, and create a new platform into the exciting world of fashion and marketing.


Fashion Designer Line-Up:

Goodfew + DailyDoses + Still Life Clothing + Knotted + Dreamwrker & Co + TrumpGang + Layrite Deluxe Pomade + Hawleywoods Barbershop + The Desert Movement + Coachella Fresh

We will only be holding 10 companies at our pool side pop up.

This event is also including a live designer lecture by Jon Phenom.

Live art by Chris Sanchez.

live art by chris sanchez


Sponsored by: Layrite Pomade, Hawleywoods Barbers; Tattoo Gallery, and Ace Hotel & Swim Club

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the seven six tradeshow



INTERVIEW: Omar Czar of The Seven Six


Omar Czar

1. How do you pick/find your brands that will be featured?

 What inspired you to start The Seven|Six Trade Show?

What inspired me to start doing these trade shows were street wear companies that I saw pushing for a different look and purpose in the clothing industry.  I attended other innovative clothing events take place in cities like Los Angeles and saw the reaction that buyers got when there were all these great companies being mixed into one room.


In your opinion, what is the future of street fashion?

I believe street wear is only getting better as the seasons change.  I like seeing larger companies collaborate with iconic companies like Supreme does with Nike, and even what The Hundreds recently did with Tapatio Hot Sauce. The future of street wear fashion is still evolving, and witnessing it is inspiring.


What can we look forward to seeing from The Seven Six in the future?

The Seven Six Trade Show is still a new company that just recently got established.  We are looking to expand and bring more of these events into the Coachella Valley.  This Summer we have a collaborative pool party in the works, the date will be released in June.





WHO : Omar Czar of The Seven Six

WHAT : The Seven Six Trade Show

WHEN : Thursday, May 15th

TIME : 3pm-11pm

WHERE : Ace Hotel & Swim Club (The Commune)

AGE : All

PRICE : Free Entry

WHY : Support independent fashion designers!


the seven six tradeshow


See you there!..