So, it’s date night and you don’t know what to do or where to go….  

Look no further.  

The Palm Springs International Film Festival is the perfect date night, or group-of-friends-night-out, or solo mission in Palm Springs.  It’s going on now till Monday – so start planning it out today.

We have compiled a list of shows that we recommend, simplifying it by just choosing one themed group showing per day.  As you may, or may not, know by now even though these films individually are short, when grouped together in these categories (about 5 per showing) they make for a feature length film (90 – 120 mins).  The best part about is it that you don’t have to stay committed to one 2 hour film, they switch every 20 minutes or so – kinda like a Youtube session.

Each of the categories that we have chosen we thought you guys might be interested in – however, don’t just take our word! Make sure to go to the website and/or pick up a print publication to check them out for yourself!!  

*In the meantime, make sure to check out the Local Sightings screening taking place this Sunday!  Bet you knew we’d love that one 😉

Hope to see you around at some of these – come and say “HI!”


palms prints short fest

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all ShortFest films screened inside the

Camelot Theaters

2300 East Baristo Rd. Palm Springs, CA

Tickets are sold at the door, no longer online.

Make sure to show up at least 30 min early just in case there is a line!

And yes, they have a full bar and cafe there!!!  Yay!




starting at 5:00pm

Camelot Theaters 

2300 East Baristo Rd. Cathedral City, CA 92234


There is another world inside the world we see. . . 


90 Minute Running Time

Program: Secret Lives of Others




Bear  {Bamse}

Norway, 2014, 18 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Current AffairsFamily Relations
Language: Norwegian

Living completely alone in the wilderness, surviving by his outdoor skills, a man finds a pink stuffed bear. He begins to realize he doesn’t remember how he got there as the world around him changes.

DIRECTOR: Bård Ivar Engelsås
Producer: Petter Schanke Olsen
Editor: Bård Ivar Engelsås
Screenwriter: Bård Ivar Engelsås
Cinematographer: Øystein Moe
Music: Sander Stedenfeldt Olsen
Principal Cast: Ole Romsdal, Hege O. Enger
Print Source: Norwegian Film Institute

Official Film Website



China Connection: Jerry
watch China Connection: Jerry trailer

China Connection: Jerry
China, 2014, 6 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: USA
World Premiere
Topics: BiopicDocumentary
Language: English

PSSF Alum (China in Three Words, 2013
One of the greatest political shifts of the 20th century sets the backdrop for a charming cinematic snapshot of Jerry, the first American lawyer in China.

DIRECTOR: Vanessa Hope
Producer: Ted Hope, Vanessa Hope, Carlton Evans
Editor: Paul Frost, Fred Koschmann
Cinematographer: Lutz Reitemeier
Principal Cast: Jerome Alan Cohen
Print Source: Double Hope Films

Official Film Website



watch Glinda trailer

USA, 2013, 10 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Topics: Current AffairsFamily Relations
Language: English

Glinda’s daily routine becomes anything but as everything she sees now reminds her of what has been instead of what might be.

DIRECTOR: Nicole Cosgrove
Producer: Spencer Gillis, Mariela Comitini
Editor: Adam Sonnenfeld
Screenwriter: Nicole Cosgrove
Cinematographer: Ludovic Littee
Music: Jonathan Zalben
Principal Cast: Tovah Feldshuh

Official Film Website



In the Still of the Night  {In Der Stille Der Nacht}

In the Still of the Night
In Der Stille Der Nacht
Austria, 2014, 14 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topic: Jewish Interest
Language: German English Sub-Titles

During a stormy autumn night, a family joyfully celebrates together, but one daughter finds the party-like atmosphere suspect.

DIRECTOR: Erich Steiner
Producer: Roman Sorger, Sabine Eckerstorfer, Erich Steiner, Stephan Wabl, Mario Minichmayr
Editor: Peter Bruenner
Screenwriter: Erich Steiner
Cinematographer: Mario Minichmayr
Music: Pascal Holper
Principal Cast: Johannes Silberschneider, Martina Stilp, Margit Jautz, Stella Butz, Luisa Bozorov

Official Film Website



Invisible Spaces  {Ukhilavi Sivrtseebi}

Invisible Spaces
Ukhilavi Sivrtseebi
Georgia, 2014, 10 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: USA
North American Premiere
Topic: Family Relations
Language: Georgian English Sub-Titles

The usual morning ritual for one family unravels as hidden tensions emerge.

DIRECTOR: Dea Kulumbegashvili
Producer: Rati Oneli
Editor: Ramiro Suarez, Rati Oneli
Screenwriter: Dea Kulumbegashvili
Cinematographer: Ming Kai-Leung
Principal Cast: Nino Shengelaia, Mariam Dzidzikashvili, Rati Oneli
Print Source: Liber8Films

Official Film Website



Kuhani  {Kuhani}
watch Kuhani trailer

Uganda, 2013, 7 Minute Running Time
Topics: Current AffairsGay/Lesbian
Language: Swahili, English

An experimental short inspired by Ugandan Catholic priest Father Anthony Musaala’s open letter titled ‘The Failure of Celibate Chastity Among Diocesan Priests’ from Actor/Director Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (HBO’s Treme).

DIRECTOR: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Producer: Elizabeth Cuthrell, Nyambi Nyambi, Clarke Peters, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Editor: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Screenwriter: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Cinematographer: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
Music: Anania Ngoliga
Principal Cast: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Anania Ngoliga, Irene Sanga, Abiodun Ojora, Charlotte Cornwell




United Kingdom, 2014, 25 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Topics: Coming of AgeSports
Language: English

A teenage boxer, tired of his masquerade as a ‘he-man,’ gives in to his feminine side despite the risks in this riveting tale of the search for self-definition.

DIRECTOR: Nick Rowland
Producer: Michelangelo Fano
Editor: Mark Hammill
Screenwriter: Nick Rowland, Islay Bell-Webb
Cinematographer: Sverre Sørdal
Music: Terence Dunn
Principal Cast: Joe Cole, Elliot Tittensor, Skye Lourie
Print Source: National Film and Television School




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