This Saturday there is NO WORLD FAMOUS!

We take August off every year to celebrate Alf Alpha’s birthday.  Yes, he’s a Virgo.  It all makes sense now, right?!?!…

Anyway, party is happening at one of our favorite venues in town, The Saguaro in Palm Springs!!  And you are invited.  Bring a friend, bring a tons of friends, or just bring your fine ass.

We will have craft table and photo booth!

Looking forward to grooving with you on the dance floor.  (*presents excepted, or just turn up)

Alf Alpha at Saguro Birhday Fiesta



Vital Details


Who: Alf Alpha

What: Birthday Party

When: Saturday, August 30th

Where: The Saguaro Hotel’s Lobby & Bar (El Jefe) in Palm Springs

Why: ‘Cuz your favorite DJ is going to DJ his own bday party and play all the best songs.  Plus, free craft table, plus photo booth…plus damn good chavelas and tequila.

Time: 9pm-2am

Cost : FREE!