There is a new art show at the Marks Art Center and we think you’ll dig it.

Check out the info and we’ll see you there at the opening on Thursday!!


LIFEWORK Gallery presents “THE COMPANY WE KEEP,” a pop-up exhibition at the Marks Art Center at College of the Desert.

Free & open to the public.
MLN17 will be performing a sound piece entitled “IAMNOTADJ” starting promptly at 7 p.m. in the courtyard.

Featuring work by Christina Angelina, Katie Blaine, Amanda Clark, MLN17, Junior Padilla, Johnny Quintanilla, Deana Romo, Shrine, Humberto Reynoso, and Kevin Townsend.

“As LIFEWORK, we seek to build a community of artists, both emerging and established, and support their work out in the real world. Our “best” is reflected in the success of our peers and ability to create access to art, raise awareness of the value of art in life, and demonstrate how art can be a catalyst for healing, connection, and change. Our goal in having exhibitions is to create a space for people to congregate, for conversations to spark, for thoughts to deepen, and for creativity to flourish, ultimately fostering a community and support for the arts.


The iconic circular symbol for this exhibition is the Ouroboros. It is often depicted in history as a snake or dragon eating its own tail, and is representative of the cyclic nature of life. Beyond this, it signifies continuity through connections between people, the representation of time as infinite, and a beginning without end—a force that cannot be extinguished, much like the path of the artist.

‘Why art?’ is a question asked of artists the world over. It is an invocation, our life path…we have chosen it but more so, it has chosen us. There is an undeniable drive to “make” and through that, creative energy flows into and out of us making us a conduit, a vessel, a storyteller, a shaman, a laborer of love. For some, art is magic, true alchemy with the capacity to heal the soul. For others, art is power, a vehicle for communication and a catalyst to create change. For all of us, art is a way of life. Guardians and champions of the arts, a new generation of supporters has been born. We are inextricably linked together in our shared cause, as artists, as humanity. Hence, ‘The Company We Keep’ is a select group of artists pursuing their life paths with fervor and passion, dedicated to the work, faithful to their vision, and unrelenting in their pursuit of excellence.


LIFEWORK Gallery is thrilled and honored beyond measure to present such a distinguished group of artists for our exhibition at the Marks Art Center.”

The Walter N. Marks Center for the Arts (MAC) is a non-profit cultural and educational facility; committed to excellence, MAC provides a venue for creative exploration and community engagement.  Open MondayThursday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.; and by appointment; always free & open to the public.  For more information, call the Marks Art Center at (760) 776-7278, or go to <>.