The Coachella Valley Art Scene a 501c3 nonprofit is a community organization dedicated to developing and promoting art, music and culture in The Coachella Valley. 

The mission of The Coachella Valley Art Scene to cultivate a creative community using art advocacy as a platform to safely express, educate, empower and engage the Coachella Valley.  We strive to create a positive economic environment for artist and the creative class. Through the continued use of our media based website,  workshops, educational seminars, community events, art exhibitions, festivals and our local art gallery.

The Coachella Valley Art Scene was founded by Sarah Scheideman in 2008.  Sarah was inspired to start the website after she graduated from UC Riverside. She noticed the local artists community was underrepresented. She created The Coachella Valley Art Scene website to promote local arts in her community. The website focuses on developing & promoting local art, music, and culture for the communities that live in the Coachella Valley. She began uniting local artist and organizing events. The website gained a loyal following and has began organizing events to bring the art community together.

After five years of internet and events, in January of 2013, The CVAS opened the doors to their first art gallery for a more tangible experience. The gallery served as a creative hub for the community.

During this same time period The CVAS developed and produced 111 Music Festival (in partnership with Sunline Transit Agency) and STREET – an urban art and music festival (in partnership with Westfield Palm Desert)

In December of 2015 the organization officially became a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.  This allowed them to begin developing the art community even further with support from community members, donors, grants and corporate sponsorships.

In January of 2016 The CVAS left their first gallery space in Cathedral City to join a partnership with Westfield Palm Desert.  The organization occupies vacant spaces in the mall with walls and merchandise created by local artists, along with a heavy amount of programming (music, poetry, film and more).


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