This is an option for those who confidently believe in the passion, values and persistence of our organization. The Educators are mentors, influencers, and visionaries who understand the impact of art as a tool to bring people together for the betterment of society.

Benefits of becoming an Educator:

Opportunity to Become a CVAS Board Member
As our organization expands, we will need a stronger, larger Board to help guide our organization. With your support of becoming a Level 3 member we would be more than happy to offer you such a position.

Monthly Summary of CVAS: Photos, Videos, Testimonials, Progress
The EDUCATORS will get exclusive in-depth monthly summary of The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s progress.  This will keep you up to date on how your investment in our organization has helped further our development and better serve our community.

Investing in Art Materials, Programming, Workshops and Operations
Your contribution will go directly into providing our community with the tools necessary to continue to develop the arts community and future arts economy.

Permanent Location
The Coachella Valley Art Scene needs a permanent location to grow and develop our organization substantially. This permanent location will serve as a creative hub for our community and beyond.

Exclusive Events for CULTIVATORS & EDUCATORS
Meet others who have the same interests and goals for their community at our special CVAS mixers.


In addition to these long-term investments, you also receive the same benefits as the Celebrators and Cultivators:
  • Artist Opportunities
  • Community Service
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Eligibility to serve on Leadership Network Councils
  • The Craft Pass
  • Studio Time
  • 10% Off in Store
  • Exclusive Events Alerts
  • Exclusive Networking / Events for Members
  • Apply for Scholarships *coming soon!
  • Discounts at Local Businesses *coming soon!


All of this for only

$100 / Month



Thank you for your continuous support!