One of the most influential female artists to go down in history, Frida Kahlo, had her 101st Birthday Party at the PS Art Museum this past Sunday. People of the CV were invited to come check out prints of Frida taken by her close friend and longtime lover Muray. The vent was all ages and had a little something in store for everyone. For instance, in addition to the amazing photographs, the museum also offered all guests cupcakes, ice cream, lemonade, and a photo booth. Of course, I took advantage of the free ice cream and the photobooth. You were also allowed to do some friendly graffiti on Frida’s gigantic birthday card…which, is always fun. The exhibit will be going on for a couple more weeks…so dont let the sun melt your brains and head over there before the Date Farmers take over the spot (that’s another story…next blog entry, I suppose)….

Here are some visuals:
We got in trouble for taking this….
The Paletero Man
Feliz Cumpleanos
Dress-up-like-Frida-Photobooth fun
More pictures are available at The Desert Sun’s blog