DJ Louie-B and DJ Akast will be making everybody at a proper house party in North Indio this Saturday for a $20.00 (plus a free drink) Booty Contest for the ladies and $20.00 Dance Contest for the fellas. If booty contests and pelvis thrustings don’t interest you then special guest performances by desert rap acts such as L.Shaw, Karmic Bases, Lil G, Witness, and Nino Y Nene might. Entrance fee is only $2 and there is VIP parking for $1. But, you might want to save some of those one dolla bill$ for that booty contest. If you’re a real gentleman, that is. Check the flyer below for more details on how to get those free drinks:

And if you don’t come for anything else, at least come for the caption at the bottom of the flyer that says, “Get ready to get wet cuz the hoes are coming out”