As difficult as it is to spot an owl in the Coachella Valley, it’s just as difficult to tune into a decent radio broadcast. Of course, if you do happen to spot either one of the two, it is presumed to be very good luck and can lead to feelings of happiness and contentment. Lucky for me, I swooped on Owl Radio a while back and have been catching sound of the radio broadcast ever since. There are qualities that Owl Radio possesses that U-92.7, Power-100.5, and even KCRW 89.9 lack…and that is their improvisation, their commitment to finding needles in haystacks (good indie music and art), some poetry, occasional drunkin spoken word, and always a good interview in every show. Alas, Owl Radio is not a new radio broadcast, in fact they have 20 broadcasts under their belt.

In their most recent broadcast, #20, they hang out with the AMAR Collective at The Unknown Theatre in Hollywood and feature live performances from Owl, Siamese Guns, Bombaster, and New Kingdom.
Very excited about their upcoming show that will be aired next week, Owl Radio will be recording a live session from an up and coming Coachella Valley band called the Jungles. Check them out and give them some good lovin‘ on

Signing off with a h00t, a holler, and a roar…