This weekend was just a tad bit bananas, so bare with me in my slow start to recovery on this muggy Monday morning….
…Part of my detox program this week is going to be consisting of interviewing three different artsists/crews from around the valley who contribute to the desert art scene in different ways. I am looking forward to sharing with you my interviews with the very unqiue and highly intriging indie rock band, Mira La Luz, who give me the low down and highlights of what it is do be a duo rock band in the desert. Hip Hop hometown celebrity, Provoked, talks with me about his favorite shows as of yet, his experiences in working with local desert businesses to promote his music, and his future musical endeavors. An up and coming production company ran by a group of cool kids give me the 411 on their concerts to raise money for charities around the 760. They go by the name of EMA Productions and they to like to disco.

It’s going to be a fun week! Here are some glipses into the future….

I’ve been here for eight years and it’s crazy how much the scene has grown in the past couple years. I think it could be a big movement if the artists here came together. If you look at the Bay Area, Texas and other parts of the south, they’ve had such a success independently because there’s a good amount of support from the communities. There’s a lot of talent out here and I think people should start paying more attention to it…” – Provoked

“…im not saying we are doing anything extremely unique because being unique doesnt exist, its just doing what you feel, but i feel we face the peoples lack of interest because its almost statistics that people wont watch you if you are not a full band or well liked or have many friends or blah blah blah, it all applies to this small area of scene trends that happen in our area…” – Mira La Luz

“So far we’ve worked with the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and for our first two events but definitely have plans for future events with different organizations throughout the Coachella Valley…”
– EMA Productions