When the weekend finally rolls around after a long work week everyone is usually looking for a way to elevate themselves. Lucky for the Coachella Valley, EMA Productions was created from six kids who also like to get elevated and have a good time. EMA is not only a fun group, but an intelligent one as they use their wits to add depth to their parties. Their strategy is to link up with charities all around the valley to throw fundraisers disguised as parties. Didn’t know parties could be so progressive?….well, then it’s time to elevate your awareness….

What is EMA Productions?
EMA (Elevate My Awareness) Productions a production company whose main focus is putting on quality music events for good causes.

Who is involved with EMA Productions? And what is everyone’s responsibility?
EMA was started by a group of friends/DJ’s/music lovers here in the valley. There’s six of us and we all contribute equally in different ways. Public Relations is handled by Pedro (DJ Pacman) and Silvia. Finances are handled by Jodi. Roy does the purchasing. AJ (AimLo) is in charge of finding and booking talent. And Ashley is our Event and Production Coordinator.

What was your inspiration for starting up the organization?
We live in the desert and, as we all know, there’s not much to do. Although the valley has grown a lot over the last few years and the art/music scene is thriving here, it’s still lacking the exposure the scene could have. Also, Coachella Fest has opened a lot of doors and given a lot of people the opportunity to become interested in different forms of art. Social and Economic issues, local and world wide, are important to us as well….Global warming, the war, the economic crisis, and the Presidential campaign. All of this is our inspiration.

What is the ultimate goal for EMA?
Our goal is to expose our generation to these issues in an interesting and exciting way….with parties, for instance!

What organizations have you linked up with?
EMA is fairly new. So far we’ve worked with the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and Scenelast.com for our first two events but definitely have plans for future events with different organizations throughout the Coachella Valley.

What organizations do you wish to link up with?
We’re in contact with a number of different charities here in the valley so stay tuned!

How have the local organizations responded to EMA Productions?
For the short time we’ve been around, we’ve gotten great feedback from the organizations we’ve worked with.

When you throw events by EMA Productions, who are you looking to target? For example, what type of ground are you looking to have at your show?
People who are open to new experiences. Open minded people who are willing to contribute. And your every day party-goer is always welcome.

Where can we find you on the Internet? Where can we find out about your shows?
myspace.com/emaproductions2008. Website coming soon.

How can people get involved with your organization?
First and foremost, by attending our events. Promoting. Passing out flyers. And spreading the word.

What advice can you give other young people who are looking to start up an Production Company in the Coachella Valley?
Most of us have been doing this for years and it’s just now turning into something truly productive. So we would say do it for the right reasons and “Stick to it”.

What, or who, would like to see featured in www.thecoachellavalleyartscene.blogspot.com?
Good people with good ideas.

Any other additional comments you would like to ad?
You need a drink.

DJ FameMiss of EMA Productions
DJ Pacman of EMA Productions

EMA’s party goers