Even though Provoked was not born or raised in the Coachella Valley, the desert seems to have been the perfect place for him to grow and develop as an artist. And even though Provoked wasn’t born with the name, “Provoked,” it seems to be the best name imaginable for the fate of the MC.
The dictionary defines the word “provoked” as someone or something that “arouses a feeling or action, to call forth, to stir up purposely, to provide needed stimulus for” and that is precisely what Provoked has done for the Coachella Valley’s music scene.
His hard work of creating a name for himself through self-promotion, developing a huge fan base, making connections with local businesses and the local community has blazed the pathway and stirred up lots of commotion for other musicians within the desert. As a result of his hard work and determination Provoked has headlined many of the desert’s most successful hip hop concerts, which has in return inspired other Hip Hop acts to come out of their shells, been featured in the Desert Sun for his inspiring ways, and now has been granted a spot as a host on U 92.7’s Da Shop every Saturday evening where he officially introduces other Hip Hop artists to the desert by means of radio airwaves.
Coming all the way from San Jose and after arousing much commotion in the Coachella Valley, Provoked shares with me what provoked him to do

MC Name: ProvokedAstrological Sign: Aries
How would you describe your sound?
The main thing is that I want everyone to understand what I’m saying in my songs. Whether understanding me or my message, I just want the clarity to stand out more than anything. My sound depends on who I’m working with at the time and whose production it is….(for the rest of answer click here)
You have performed at numerous venues and shows around the Coachella Valley, what is your perspective on the Coachella Valley music scene?
I’ve been here for eight years and it’s crazy how much the scene has grown in the past couple years. I think it could be a big movement if the artists here came together. If you look at the Bay Area, Texas and other parts of the south, they’ve had such a success independently because there’s a good amount of support from the communities. There’s a lot of talent out here and I think people should start paying more attention to it, we need more outlets for local artists to get exposure, like this blog. There’s a lot of history in the valley as far as hip-hop goes, and I think people making music out here should at least know about it and become aware of who paved the way in the valley. I’m just glad to be a part of what we have going on and I love it out here. San Jose got me involved, the Coachella Valley made me an artist, this is my home.

Is there a favorite venue for you? A favorite show?
One of the best times I’ve had out here was last August at Chicago Freddie’s. I also like to be outdoors so another one of my favorite times was Inner Truth last July in Joshua Tree. I had a lot of fun at the Smash Fridays and Making Moves.…..
Can you tell me how it was collaborating with the local radio station for your program called “Da Shop”? How were they in terms of working with a local artist?
It’s been a blessing being able to work with U-92.7 and I’m thankful they give me and the local hip-hop artists a chance to get our music played. I want people to know that I don’t at all think it’s about me, it’s about the valley. Every show reminds me of how much talent there is out here. U-92.7 gave me the opportunity to host the show, and it’s been working out really good since then. We are working out new ways to get the locals more involved and make this show a big part of the hip-hop scene out here.
If you’re a local hip-hop artist send the clean edits of your best songs with a short bio to
What projects are you currently working on right now?
I’m starting work on my next album but in the mean time I’m working on some projects with Rip One. I have a new single coming out …(for rest the rest of the response, click here)

What advice can you give to aspiring young hip hop artists growing up in the Coachella Valley?
Don’t let anything discourage you, stay focused, and don’t expect anything to happen over night, you have a lot of hard work ahead of you.

Where can we find you on the web?
www.provokedmusic.com, www.myspace.com/provokedmusic, www.imeem.com/provokedmusic, www.youtube.com/provokedmusic. You can order my albums from these sites: www.cdbaby.com, www.accesshiphop.com. If you live in the Coachella Valley you can buy my albums at these locations:
Record Alley,
Revolution Ride Shop and Ojz Joint.
What would you like to see from www.thecoachellavalleyartscene.blogspot.com?
I just want to see it continue! I hope it contributes to the strengthening of the local scene.
Any other comments?
I’d just like to thank everyone in the Coachella Valley for the support, and all the artists that are working hard to make something happen out here. I also wanna thank WestBound Design, Source 1st, Rip One, Nathan McCoy, Smooth Grooves, Steve Andrade, SubConscious Entertainment, and everyone else who makes my music possible. Oh yeah, and thank you to Sarah, Alf Alpha, and The CV Blog-spot!
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Provoked performing at Chicago Freddy’s

Provoked at his Album Release Party (Dales Los Hideaway)

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