The Palm Springs Art Museum is reaching out to the younger art community of the Coachella Valley by featuring an installation of the Date Farmers  in their Artists in Residence program for these upcoming summer months.  The FREE installation has transformed the once, “very mature”, border-line-boring space into one of the hippest, chillest and most welcoming exhibitions that the museum, let alone the entire valley, has to offer.  There is really not much more for me to say because the art truly speaks for itself and for the young artists of the desert.
It’s free….don’t be lazy, beat the heat….and support, support, support….     

“Local artists Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez, aka The Date Farmers, crate an original installation in the Zone 101 in the Hoover Gallery this summer as part of the museum’s annual Artists in Residence program.  

Since 2002, Lerma and Ramirez have created collaborative artworks that layer recovered objects, paint, industrial materials and more with pop culture references from both sides of the border.  They most recently exhibited their work this past spring at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City.  
In conjunction with the Museum Art Camp, the Artist in Residence program gives camp participants the opportunity to meet and observe working artists as the create a site-specific installation at the museum.”  
The TV plays the Current TV video on repeat with Alf Alpha‘s beats playing the whole time…