I read my horoscope today and it said that this weekend’s moon is in Scorpio and the sun is in Leo and when those planets are combined they make for nights full of “good theater acts.” Interpret it how you want, but my crystal ball reads that there are going to be some raging parties in the desert this weekend. Lead roles for the parties are acts such as Mira La Luz, Nuclear Youth, The Wrek and Darkness Awaits. Sounds to me like the desert is going to explode (or something like that) this weekend…


Viva Latina. Ladies from Prima J will be performing live on stage at Costas Night Club. Event is put on by 97.7 KRCK.


Meet the Volcom Team aat Epidemic Skate Shop in Cathedral City at 3:00pm on Friday! Then carpool on over to watch Volcom shred at 4:00pm at the DHS Bike Park (the new one).
Feel free to bring as much stuff as you want to be autographed.
TONS of free stuff will be given away!

After meeting up with the dudes from Volcom you should head over to 1201 Collective’s show in the Palm Desert Park at the Ampitheater. 1201 are cool people, who have plans to really help out the desert’s art scene by providing musical acts shows and opportunities for artists to display their work. It’s a good idea to meet with these guys if you’re interested in getting your work out there. Taking stage will be Mira La Luz, Ol Harbour and Meche.
Free!! Show starts at 5pm.

After checking out 1201’s show get in your car and head on up to Riverside to see DJ Alf Alpha perform in Riverside at a fashion show. And everybody knows what the term “Alf Alpha” in the DJ world translates literally to:party. So make sure to bring your fashionable dance shoes and get ready to boogie with the best of them.

Have you checked out Dezart’s spot in Palm Springs yet? Well, I recommend that you do. I personally love how they appeal to a younger crowd and have free wine and chesses at a lot of their shows. Cheers to that! Plus, if you have a passion for fashion then Dezart has got the perfect event for you. Check out ‘”Palm Springs Fashion Night’ In cooperation with ‘Fashion Week San Diego’ runway models will be showcasing important designers resort collection. Public welcome.. Saturday 6-9 PM. 2688 Cherokee Way, Palm Springs. 760-328-1440

I don’t know which flyer I like the best, but I am really intrigued by this party either way. The first party flyer looks chaotic and reminds me of old school punk shows and being shoved around a alot. The second one gives me the impression that there are going to be a lot of cool chicks there, or not there, because they will all be down the street smoking their weed. Whatever, just go, this looks awesome. Click the flyers to get all the address and band info.

Word on the street is that these parties go off…and I can imagine…a Coachella party. That city is infamous for their raving parties in the middle of the desert. Darkness Awaits, Sight Through Ashes, Final Faze, Call the Shots and Beyond Our Strength all sound like they are going to give an interesting show underneath the beautiful night sky. It’s only $4.00, all ages, and I guarentee the party won’t get broken up.

Do you know about Ming Bob Productions? Well, Ming Bob puts on narly rock shows all throughout the desert and he is always looking to book new acts. This weekend Ming Bob is bringing out a band from Lake Elsinore, The Wreck. Tiger in Transit will also be sharing the stage. All this is going down at Oasis Bar conviently located in the middle of the valley in Thousand Palms.