How were those Thursday and Friday night parties?  Crazy?  Well, I gave you a fair warning.  Those horoscopes never lie.  You should share your party stories with me, let me know how it went…post a comment, post some pics, post some video footage, share the insanity with the rest of the valley.

So, this afternoon, after waking up at 1:00pm and downing two XXX Vitamin Waters, I was fishing around on the internet for some last minute Saturday fiestas flyers and I luckily caught some.  Horray.  Check out the latest and make sure to check the original Things 2 Do Thursdays posting for more parties.

Here ya go…
Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.
Come check out the free screening at the center tonight at 6:00pm at The Center.  Click the link to be directed to the myspace which gives all address info and all that good stuff.
Dude, I almost thought that said the RZA.  Didn’t you?  I was gonna flip.  Anyways, it’s not the RZA it’s R$A, Fateful Day and The Hellions.  Show at The Barn.  Click the flyer for address info…