The ingredients for this weekend consists of a little rock, a little roll, with a splash of electro. No need to fear for all those who survive on heavy base lines and samples, you hip hop heads will get to feast on some beats next week. In the meantime, it’s crunch time, time to sink our teeth into what shows are going to be served to us this weekend….


DJ Odessey plays at J. Dee’s Landing in Palm Springs
(make sure to check back in next week for an Interview with DJ Odeseey for Hip Hop Week)

Good news. If you are in Palm Springs and like rock then I have two shows that are just around the corner from each other. One show starts two hours earlier than the other, so proceed as you must. Click on the flyers below to see the details on where the parties are and who will be playing. I will be floating around at both (evening) parties, so make sure to give a “howdy dooty.”

If you get off work in time for this then you gggoottttttttttaa go! NOt only will some really good indie bands be winding down your work week, but my homegurl Daikon will be performing. Holla! She’s supa dupa hawt.

A CVASb favorite, Slipping Into Darkness, headlines at Ignition. Only $7 at 7:07. Just kidding, not 7:07, it’s 7:00…but 3 sevens are lucky..right?

Forest Carter, Sol Disctric and others will be around the corner at J. Dee’s Landing. It’s free. Show starts at 6:66. Ohhhh…that means bad luck. Just kidding. Show starts at 9 – so be on time.

Saturday is a day where age is only a number. There are parties going on all over Indio that don’t require an ID whatsoever. All aged parties are always pretty fun, I mean…let’s face it, when people puke it’s pretty funny. Keep an eye out for keg stands too.

Oh heck no! It’s electro! Call that party line day of the party and you will get direction to the secret location where the warehouse full of rave lights, electro DJs and my girl DJ FameMiss. The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog will be there in attendance, so come on by and say hi to me, or give me a glow stick light show, whatevers kosher.

Happy Birthday Lelt! Go party with all your favorite Virgo pal at a house party in Indio. 3 dolla makes you holla at the front door.

Party with some kookie characters at Mogley’s house party.

Now, now, now we all know how lazy desert kids are. For those of you who think Indio is “too far to drive to” then get your vehicle down to The Oasis Bar in Thousand Palms. It’s located in the central part of the entire valley, so no excuses. Except, of course if you under 21. Free show.

**and as always, if you don’t see your party posted up here…then holler at me.