Aaaannnddddd we’re back!

Hey there everyone. Just want to to let you know that I am back from Denver and “back to life…back to reality…”

I had the most amazing time with the Date Farmers out at Manifest Hope Art Gallery. I will be sharing my experience, posting pictures, and reviews within the next couple of days. My tech man is getting all 600+ photos uploaded for me. Gee wiz. And just when I thought I survived the chaos of this past tour with the Date Farmers, they call me and let me know that our next stop is Oakland, then LA, then NY…and many more in the future…

Since I do feel bad that I wasn’t able to keep everyone updated for the week I was out in Denver at the Democratic National Convention, I decided to make it up to everyone by THROWING A PARTY. That’s right…party on me. Free entrance. The date is yet to be determined, but the location will for sure be at the Date Farmers art studio. It will be going down this month, possibly the 12th or 13th. I am currently booking bands/crews, so hit me up if you’re interested!!! The Date Farmers will be showcasing their latest works that will be featured at the Oakland Museum of Art for the month of October. Again, sorry for the lack of updates, hope this can make up for it???…..I will get the dates confirmed apost a flyer tomorrow.

OKayyyy…forecast for the week ahead!

1. Today, Tuesday, I will be taking off where I last left off….Hip Hop week…begining with an interview with Aesthetic Arrest. Have you seen their printout, Dirt? It looks really, really good. I picked mine up at the Record Alley. You should pick up yours there too. Plus, ya know…buy a record or two while you are there. The Record Alley sells local artists’ music.

2. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is FREE: Films, Music, Events. As promised last week I will be featuring the Coachella Valley’s girl from around the way, Meda. Meda is not only that cute chick featured in the Dirt Magazine for Pinky Photography, but she is also a sophisticated street artist as well. Along with Meda, I will be featuring a short but sweet interview with Affiliated Clothing (a Hip Hop inspired clothing line based out of the Coachella Valley).

3. Things 2 Do Thursday. As always, make sure to check in to see what parties and shows are going on around town for the weekend ahead.

4. Friday – Rad Reviews with Lorenzo Lauren, a Macroscopic EP review

5. Saturday + Sunday = par-tay

Again, sorry for the mumbo-jumbo of traveling and not being able to update the blog as often as I would like…but hopefully my party will make up for it. =)