If La Maniaca was a Spice Girl she’d be Spicey Spice.

In the theme of video week here on the blog, the Girl of the Week will only be accessible via video. But no need to shed a tear, her interview is near. Not only is La Maniaca a musician, but she is also a fashion designer (
http://www.myspace.com/callejeraclothing) , quite the model, and a lover.

The videos…posted below, are only teasers to her full length interview that will be posted in a few weeks. You are just going to have to check back in for those… In the meatime, check out La Maniaca…the video vixen of the week.

To listen and download some of La Maniaca’s music please check out the myspace to her band, TRUCHA. (click the band’s name to be directly connected to their myspace)