Today is September 11th, a day that will forever be significant to American history and our generation. I don’t like to talk politics on the blog, but do please take this time to reflect on where the American economy is today and where you would like to see it tomorrow.  Choose your next President wisely.  And most importantly – REGISTER and VOTE.  
On that note, in the American spirit, it’s time to talk about partying.  True, this weekend is slim pickin’s, but it’s false if you think that it’s going to be “a boring weekend.”  If the local bands aren’t gonna cut it for you this time around, then make sure to scroll down the page to Wednesday’s post FREE: Films, Events, Music.  I posted a bunch of other cool things going on around the valley for day and night time.  Personally, I will be at the Friday night party at J Dee’s.  There is a girl drummer in the band – enough said. 

In honor of 9/11, the local hip hop crews of the Coachella Valley give peace to the east

Yep, the CVAS will be there in attendance.  I heard it’s going to be a dance party.  Hmmmm……just what the doctor ordered.

Ming Bob just doesn’t stop.