Okay… so as I write up this posting it is not so much the morning any longer as much as it is still a good Monday. But, nevertheless, this Good Morning Monday post brings you something to stay awake and alert for the rest of the week ahead of you. Make sure not to sleep on this week’s Soft Rock to Punk Rock theme. The CVAS will be interviewing all sorts of bands from around the valley who have been making noise recently and dipping into all the different genres of rock that the desert has to offer.

This week is going to be a good one. Proof is below:

1. Soft Rock to Punk Rock Week. The Coachella Valley is famous for some of the best rock bands being born and raised out in the Coachella Valley. It has been exciting to see some of our favorite local acts grow and develop into stars and headline at major shows. This week on blog, I will be focusing on bands from around the desert who are not only gaining popularity around town, but are the same cats who we should keep an eye out for the future.
2. Change of Season = Change of Website. I love to stay in tuned with the seasons and so does this website. In the spirit of the new Fall season, the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog will be adding some upgrades to the site! Make sure to keep checking back in to see what’s new on the home front. Oh! And the myspace is getting a make-over as well. So, drop a line or two and tell me what you think.

3. FREE: Films, Events, and Music. As they say, “the best things in life are free.” So see what the best things around town are on Wednesday, here on the blog.

4. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Hey! This weekend has a bunch of parties going down for any musical genre or scene of your desire. The weekend party forecast forshadows some narly parties and good times. Come back on Thursday to check out all the party flyers for the weekend ahead.

5. Sticker Contest. The sticker contest is still on and poppin’. The entries have been really good but I am still striving to raise the stakes and keep the level of competition at its best. If you would like to submit your sticker design for www.thecoachellavalleyartscene.com, please mail your submission and designs to thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com. Please email for Rules and Regulations to the contest as well.
Thanks for reading and come back soon to read some cool interviews and stuff.