I came to a conclusion the other day that my blog was getting a little too…”west side heavy”. I felt it was time to venture more to the East of the Coachella Valley and see what was going down in the rock scene out there. I ended up in Coachella and found some kids out there that were holding down for the Punk Rock scene. Despite the fact that some aren’t even old enough to drive, the trio, CV Punk Shows, manages to throw shows and brings crowds. And they have been doing so since 2007.
Personally, I really like these guys because they are really passionate about their music and they have the ambition to create a scene for themselves. Their D.I.Y. attitude is what was most admirable.
Although they are men of few words, they get the message across.
Check out, the promotional trio, CV Punk Shows.

Name of your Group?
CV Punk Shows.
CV Punk Shows Member Names?
Chewy Angernade, Albert Garcia, and Jose Carrasco.

Chewy – 15
Albert – 16
Jose – 16
Astrological signs?

C – Virgo
A – Taurus
J – Leo
What made you venture into this genre of music?

C – The music itself.
A – It fills a void.
How do each of you guys contribute to CV Punk Shows?
Chewy is the Promoter and sets up the shows. Albert makes fliers and is a Promoter as well. Jose makes some of the fliers. then we all meet up at shows.
Describe the bands you book type of sound.
The sound of music is ska, hardcore punk, trash punk.
What do you want people to take away from the music and your shows.

CHewy – We want people to learn and listen to all the good bands in the valley or from the surrounding areas such as the 818 and Los Angeles.
Albert – I want the people of Coachella to have a scene to call our own. Not just a lot of random ass shows put together here and there.
How would you describe the CV punk scene. Some pluses and minuses?

We would describe it as a growing scene.
Where do you get your inspiration from in the desert?

We really love all the great bands here in the Valley. So, they inspired us to put more shows together.
Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Chewy – the 80’s Hardcore Punk Scene
Albert and Jose – Punk in general.
Do you remember the first punk song you heard? Who showed it to you and how old were you?

Chewy – I first listened to The Famous Monsters album by The Misfits when I was 8 years old. My Uncle has showed it to me.
Jose and Albert – The first punk rock song song we heard was Punk Rock Love by the Causalities. We were both 12, our friend Ozzy showed it to us.

CV Punk Show’s first show in 2007

One of their venues

The Pitttttt

CV Punk Show Party Goers

Their latest show this Saturday

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