Although we all live only two hours away from Los Angeles, two hours from San Diego and two hours from Arizona you hear far too often that the Coachella Valley is “in the middle of nowhere.” Or that the Coachella Valley is in it’s “own little planet.” Well, you now stand corrected. You live in Planet Coachella. Planet Coachella is a virtual space on the Internet that connects everyone in real time. Whereas the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog connects the local art community, the website, connects all the businesses and community members.

So, for example, if you are planning a date with a special someone and are looking to find some reviews on a few places then it would behoove you to visit before walking out the door. Then, after the date, if the dinner was a disaster and you hated the place… or if the date went perfectly and you really enjoyed the restaurant, then you can go back on the website and write your own review. Same thing applies for coffee shops, bars, shopping, and mass media (check out the CVASblog feature!).
And… I am not sure if I am supposed to let this leak or not…. but Planet Coachella will also be coming out with a small quarterly tabloid very soon. Sounds like it’s gonna be pretty far out…

Website Address:
Your astrological Sign: Libra
What planet were you born on? City that you were raised in? I was born in Palm Springs, but grew up in a mining town called Eagle Mountain. I was raised there until the mine was closed down and my parents moved us to Indio. I went to all Indio schools and Grad IHS in 99
Describe your website. For instance, how might we utilize it? Navigate through it? Sign up?
It’s a great way to feature your business for free and see what people are saying about your service. People can also go on and post their events and classifieds for free. Got a topic you wanna chat about? Then start a forum in our “chatter” section.
Who is your target audience for your website?
Our goal is for everyone to be able to use this website. There are events and businesses for all demos, so why put them on different sites?
This also gives people a chance to expose themselves to different markets as well.What inspired you to create it: Just wanting to create a site that would connect the Coachella Valley as a whole.
What was the process to get the site up and running?
Good question. It took me about a year to get the code created. We took sites that are very popular and tried to merge them into one site without snagging any of their code. I also have a awesome developer named David Shen. He is by far the best programmer out there. The guy can write complex codes in his sleep.What is the ultimate goal for your website: To be the online hub for the Desert.
What is your history with web design?
I started actually doing graphic design when I was around 5 years of age and then jumped into programming. I made a few AOL hacker tools and then moved onto web development in 95. I’m all self taught and even tried to go to major Universities and tested out of their programs. I’m just a very bored guy who loves code and development, the ultimate geek.

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