In spirit of the navigation and exploration theme here on the blog this week, I’d like to reflect back upon everywhere the blog has traveled thus far. Hmm… let’s see here, The CVASb has interviewed photographers, fashion designers, street artists, fine artists, promoters, DJs, Hip Hop MCs, Hip Hop crews, rock stars, and many more. The path less traveled on has been the golden brick road down Reggae Music lane. In this special interview segment the blog buckles up as Ming Bob takes the wheel as the Interviewer and Revol Concept sits passenger seat as the Interviewee.

Ming Bob and Revol Concept take up on a journey around the Coachella Valley and towards the direction of Revol Concepts upcoming show this Saturday at Diverse City.

All aboard!

Artist on Artist Interview Segment:
Ming Bob vs. Revol Concept

Ming Bob: Who Is Revol Concept?
Revol Concept: Revol Concept is short for La Revolucion de Concepcion, a revolucion of music that started on the street known as Concepcion. Israel Acosta on the guitar and vocals, Danny Cedeno on the bass, Elvis Cedeno on the drums, Omar Medrano on the keys, Victor Acosta on the rhythm guitar and special guest lyricist Ryan Miller.
MB: What inspires you to write the music?
RC: To bring something new that you can vibe to…of course also the experiences of life itself. You can’t play it if you don’t feel it. If you haven’t experienced it, how can you get the feeling across? Know what I mean?
How long have you been playing music?
We have been playing for about five years.
What bands have you jammed with?
TRIBE-O, Los Moonlights, Burnt, Zinema, Ivan the Terrible and DJ Odyssey, Trucha,Provoked, Bad Meat Eaters, Organics Crew, Macroscopic, Moonblazers, Undiscovered Poets, Ashram Housing Project, Zona Tango, Three fifths human, and a few other talented groups.
Has the music scene in The Coachella Valley grown?
Yes most definitely. This valley is a melting pot of the arts. From musicians, artists and the culture as a whole this valley is ready to blow up.
What is the scene out here in the Coachella Valley Like?
There is alot of good talent. But there haven’t been too many venues to available to them. Recently though, there have been more opportunities in which to showcase them
Anything in the works upcoming album maybe,shows or any brain storms?
We just recorded our first album which we released independently you can learn more about on our website. And we are working on new material for our second album which you can hear at our shows. As for our upcoming shows check our website for dates and locations.
Any advice to the up and coming musicians about playing music or being in a band?
It’s a tough business,everybody is trying to shine. So you have to be confident in what you are doing. You have to love to do it, because it takes hard work and commitment.
Where can we contact you for Bookings? What’s your website address? And where can we check your music out at?
To check out our music:

The Revol Concept logo
Come check them out this weekend at Diverse City.