Girl of the Week:
Orlandriannah (the artist formally known as Orlandriannah Photography, now better known as Okinoa Photography)
If Orlandriannah was a Spice Girl, she’s be Snap Spice.
In contrast to the theme of exploration this week on the blog, I thought I would take a minute and navigate back to where I started out here on the blog. The first person I ever had the opportunity to interview was Orlandriannah.
I thought it might be fun to go back and see what my first interviewee has been up to since I last spoke with her. Four months ago, when I first started this blog, I was kinda unsure as to where my direction was going to go and was still getting accustomed to the mighty ways and powers of the Internet. Orlandriannah, at that time, seemed to be in the same state of uncertainty as she was adjusting to the Coachella Valley as well. After I interviewed Orlandriannah, and she shared with me the struggles of being an artist in the Coachella Valley, I knew where my direction was going to go and was inspired to carry out this blog as to what it is today and to what it will be in the future.
And here we are today.
And here is where Orlandriannah is today….
Photography Name:
Okinoa Photography
Your Astrological Sign?
Last time you were on the blog?
I’m not exactly too sure,three,maybe even four months…
What were you working on at that time? And how has that project developed?
I’ve been tied up in this project that’s clearly,LARGER than I am. Although that’s very true,to me anyways, I feel that If I open up and collaborate with a plethora of other artists…I’ll be able to finally figure out the blurry television screen,other wise known as my brain,ha ha.
Can you give a little comparison on the difference between your photos that you take during the summer versus during the fall?
Summer is so much different,in nature,tones, colors, and even the way you go about capturing something,the mood.All of that changes,well for me anyways, when Fall comes around. I start to see things in a darker tone,I tend to move towards black and whites,dark greens,blues, it’s a darker side of what I usually do. Yet, I tend to enjoy the mystery behind each photo I end up taking during this time. It’s good stuff!
What projects are you currently working on?
I have a heap of shoots that I NEED to do, as soon as I can, so weekends are going to be jammed packed with shoots starting in November. After the single sessions, I’m mad about doing some classic 35mm nudes, I want to explore so much. As well as doing a huge session with about 10-15 people,in a whimsical setting. I’m very,very! excited. November will be a great month to put on what I’ve been loggy gagging about…do you have a particular type of photography that you specialize in? I’ve noticed…Conceptual has become a huge part of my photographic world…I find myself veering off to do more,intense darker sequences, than usual…I love it all the same.
What equipment do you work with?
I usually work with, a Nikon D40x,Nikon D300,Minolta 35mm, Polaroid box camera 450-edition, Pentax k1000 35mm, Kodak birds eye 35mm. I collect cameras as well,ha ha.
What has been your biggest inspiration in the desert lately?
The sense of a new weather…things are changing.
What can we expect to see from you in the future?
I hope to be doing what it is that I love,and also doing whatever it takes to open up a’ shop in Seattle.For now,just to open people’s minds to different types of photography,and any art form for that matter.
Where can we find you on the Internet?
I’m working on a web site, but for now:
And last but not least…any advice for aspiring photographers in the desert?
Do what you feel, is free.