Tis time to rave, boys and girls.

It’s the weekend before Halloween and all hell breaks loose in the Coachella Valley. You better build up your tolerance to schmoozing and boozing now, that way you can guarantee yourself coming out alive after next weekend.

Posted below are a few parties that you can rave to in the meantime.
Looks like the Coachella Valley is in the mood for some spookiness. Friday night the flyers has a definite dark and mysterious vibe to them. Whatever mood you want to get yourself into though, the desert’s got it; Rock, Electro and Hip hop all going down all around town. Saturday = Official Rave Day. Both parties, basically across the street from one another, will be pounding the sound waves into your brain all night. Note to self: glow sticks, glow sticks, and more glow sticks.
And remember, to get addresses, times, age info, etc please click on the flyer to enlarge. Gracias.

FRIDAY, October 24:
It’s fun to stay at the YMCA. Especially when the Techicolor Wolves and Sailors on Shore will be there. Holla. Palm Desert, yo.

For some, sanctuaries are religious places. For others, it’s where they party. Dj Famemiss will make you follow her DJ career religiously after she steps of the turntables. Don’t leave your glow sticks at home. Or your ID. 21+.
Hi! Hi Ent is throwing a show this weekend. Sounds like it’s gonna be a friendly/lively event. Unless someone kills it on the mic. Come see what Hi Ent is all about . Good drink prices + girls in free. Bye.

SATURDAY, October 25:

Holy moly. This flyer is making my heart beat fast just by looking at it. We got some electro DJs and the homie DJ Odysey on the 1’s and 2’s. That’s what’s up. Can’t go wrong with this lineup. But!, just to guarantee no wrongs will be done… “Beer before hard, you’re in the yard”. Drink up. Glow sticks strongly encouraged. 21+.

Word on the street is that Steve Spielberg is gonna host. Just kidding. But that would be pretty rad. Almost as rad as this flyer. I’m really liking it. Perfect for pre-Halloween game time. Go check out With No Kause and the others, because it’s always cool doing something new, something fun, something spooky, and something that is associated/references a Spielberg film.

Once again, thanks for reading!! And if you don’t see your party flyer up here then hurry up and email it to me! thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com