So, here it is. The weekend that all the party people from all over the U.S. of A have been looking forward to.
This weekend in the desert sure does not disapoint when it comes to things to do around town either. With over 15 parties posted on the “Upcoming Events” board to the right, I am sure there is something that could spark some interest.
There are two *Featured Events* this weekend. Take the time to check out these mini-interviews and see what these events are all about.
Also, just want to remind everyone to not be shy and feel free to email me some party pixxx from your Halloween shananagans. I’m going to be doing a special feature on them.

THURSDAY, October 30th:

I don’t see the address. Do you? Hit one of these bands up on myspace for all that. Pretty solid line up. Party sounds like fun.

Don’t come with a fake costume. Or else you’re paying $10. Scene Radio is going to be there. Dude, that flyer is scary.

Sat what! Warren G. is pretty gangsta. At a pretty gangsta spot. For all those gangsta and for all those pretty. And for all those cheap… only $10 a ticket.
**Featured Event: Noche Macabrona by Trifulca**
Who is Trifulca?
Well, I’ve been in the Spanish Rock scene for about 7-8 years. Right after high school I joined a couple of spanish rock bands playing guitar and vocals. The latest band I joined was Kura, 8 piece latin/rock band with brass and percussions. In between, I started a website called, DesmadreOrganizado. com, where we promoted and organized local events. Since then, we have been organizing (mostly in the spanish rock genre) parties, events, shows etc in pretty much every club/bar in the valley. We also carried out somewhat famous spanish rock acts like Victimas del Dr. Cerebro, Panteon Rococo, Caos, Pastilla among others.
What’s Monkey Bizness Ent?
Since last year, desmadreOrganizado. com evolved to Monkey Bizness Ent. and since then we have continued working with the spanish rock scene. We are currently working with Club Rio in Cat City which is a great place for band shows because of its huge space, stage and audio included.
Tell me about the show tha you’re throwing this Thursday.
This year is our second annual Halloween party. Thanks to last years success at La Estancia, we decided to continue with the tradition and get local bands involved. Solem from Indio will open the show playing a set of Spanish Rock covers like Caifanes, Mana, Heroes, Victimas and more. There’s also a costume contest of $600. So, we are pretty excited about this show and hopefully like last year will be a great success.

FRIDAY, October 31st:

Word on the street is: On Santa Rosa and San Anselmo across from C.O.D. in Palm Desert. Band line-up still to be determined. Everybody loves the guys from Sol Distric. I wonder what they’ll be wearing.

2 kegs???? Dope.

Now, let me say, this is by far the most horrific flyer of them all. A picture of Palin and McCain looking as if they are ready to attack is always a horrific feeling. Oh God, don’t get me started. Just head to Hellfest.

Attach of the sexy nurse. Go get your sexual heeling on at the Riviera.

Bring Love not Hate is the best thing to put on a flyer. It’s true. Love not hate is always a good policy. Unless, of course, you can’t help but hate on thsi dude is getting a lot of love on the flyer.

SATURDAY, November 1st:

You really can’t go wrong with a night at J. Dee’s.
This car show looks pretty cool. Also featured at the event will be a bunch of hip hop performers from around the valley. One of the many being Provoked. Go check him out.

**Featured Event: Dia De Los Muertos by Raices Cultura**
COACHELLA – Celebrating the beauty and traditions of the Latino culture, RAÍCES CULTURA presents an evening showcasing local artists, musicians and dancers at the 5th Annual Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead celebration, Saturday, Nov. 1, at 6:30-9:30 p.m. in the City of Coachella.
The traditional Latino holiday, that pays homage to loved ones that have passed, is celebrated through live music, cultural dances, student and community altars, regional food, and activities for the entire family.
The RAÍCES CULTURA event brings together a long list of community groups and organizations including the Coachella Boys and Girls Club, Palm View Elementary School, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Desert Mirage High School and Coachella Valley High School. Artists from across the valley will be present to exhibit their Dia de los Muertos-inspired artwork and to talk to attendees about their pieces. The event is free and open to anyone interested in understanding and celebrating this festive cultural holiday.

Featured at the event are several local artists including:
La Maniaca
The Steez is to show no restraint…..Unapologetic if offensive and of courseFabulous.
La Maniaca is from San Francisco, Califas.

Tone Rubio

Artist/Photographer/Graphic Designer
Art style is a mixture of contemporary, graffiti, pop culture.Born and raised in Indio CaliforniaHip Hop head and lover of the Lakers since back in the day.Pop culture genius.
Daikon Eklectik
Aged 26 years in desert climates of varying temperatures. Embraces art in whatever form it comes to her in. Often inspired by random events, idle chatter, mother nature and the homeless. Finds it easiest to write in dive bars during karaoke. Future cat-lady. Talks to strangers.
Michaela Dugenia (LYLA)
Well, when I first realized I loved making art, I was about four years old my mother had bought me a bucket of chalk. I lived on a ranch in mecca where there is no sidewalks in sight. So I started at the hallways of my small house!! ( Which my mother was not to happy with.) Although that did not stop me, for I was drawn to this from the beginning and now throughout the years. I love everything that art has become in my life, that I have decided to do this for all the years I live. This is my true peace, happiness and life long adventure.
I have had a few pieces of my work shown at the date festival, two Honorable mentions and a First place winner. I’m also attending COD, taking a class in ceramic sculpture, which is fun and interesting. My main medium is oil, but love to experiment with mixed media. I think this art show will be a wonderful and great experience for me to expose my works. I’m very excited to be a part of the “Dia de los muertos” event.

Eduardo Valadez

Well my name is a good as place as any Eduardo Valadez Arenas, as my parents decided would fit best. I am a Mexican born desert inhabitant living here for the majority of my life came from Mexico City ” La ciudad mas bella y fea a la ves” just like a leaf in the wind and in my mother’s arms. My work represents memories of where I was born. I myself do not remember, but know exist and have built the framework for my heritage and characters. Drunken nights, broken hearts, and smiles shared after years of struggle its all there and has always been we just see what we want to see and not what is truly evident.

Andrea and Lupe Calderon
Husband and wife two different artists- who besides work full-time; are busy raising a family here in the Coachella Valley. Currently Andrea Calderon works as an art educator, and Lupe Calderon works for the City of Palm Springs and completing his architecture degree. Having the opportunity of time to create art has been our CHALLENGE; the demands of parenthood are quite intense. Nevertheless, our art work in defiantly Chicano, non-mainstream. Subject matter and art with messages interests us more than abstraction or art of pure aesthetic form. Inspiration has derived from extremities such as growing up poor in Los barrios of Indio and Coachella to the serenity of the Valley’s humming and spiritual warmth. Our Goals would be to have our own art studio; enrich young talent who couldn’t afford and strengthen communities.

Alberto Diaz
Born and Raised here in the Coachella Valley all his life. Alberto Diaz a veteran of graffiti art has been using his creativity since 1993 to make his art noticeable. He has traveled to LA and San Diego to perform live painting for an audience and to paint with other artists and also has done graffiti murals in the streets of LA with permission. He has also involved himself in a Christian graffiti crew call ISI which stands for Iron Sharpens Iron and has done many murals for church events.

Other Artists (No description)
Jose Diaz, Albert Diaz, Jesus Olivarez

The event will be held in Coachella at Centro Martin Ortiz on the corner of First Street and Vine Street in the heart of Coachella. For more information, please visit the Raices website at or by calling 760-497-5522.

Thanks for tuning in once again. And don’t be shy, if you don’t see your event posted, please send your flyer this way: