I’m thankful for mixtapes. Especially free downloadable mixtapes.

‘Tis the Season! In sharing my wealth with the rest of the valley I leave you with these two awesome mix tapes….

This first one here is from DJ Alf Alpha. This is taken from his online blog, http://www.notoysallowed.com/. He has a bunch of mixtpaes on there, but this one is my favorite. It is a modern hip hop mixtape. It starts of with Madlib and Erykah Badu and then takes you on a nice little journey with hits from UNI, Pacific Division, Speak, and Pheo. And many many more, of course. If you are one to always stay ahead of the music game, then listen to this mixtape, because all of the artists featured on this tape are about to blow. And I am thankful for that, because Hip Hop was threatened, but we are making the ultimate comebcal.  Okay that is like a whole other 60 minute conversation about hip hop, blah , blah, blah. Below is 60 minutes of pure loveliness.

Click the image above to be directly linked to the modern hip hop mix.

The next mix is from the desert’s most enfamous, Classic Cult. This is an electronic mix. It is short – but sweet. Kinda like Classic Cult himself. Classic Cult wrote me and said that is “new studio shit”. Live and direct. Pretty awesome. This is about 2 minutes of pure awesomness.
Click the image above to be directly linked to the mixtape.