From this point forward, when it comes to Wednesday’s FREE: Films, Events, Music segment I will be making a seperate posts for all of these free films, highlighted events, and/or free music downloads.

To start this new feature off with a bang I am going to shoot you with the killer tracks from the Sufferkaterz latest album.
To download this free album from your local rap starz click on the picture below to be directly linked up:

“The Sufukatas present, “Kill Yard: B-Boy Science.” Made up from members of Stoned Fidelity, The Skys Falling Art Kult, Boombox Theater, etc. MIc Legg on the beats, rhymes, and that shi… Miguel Rivers, “The Tireless Mind”, on the raps and the Jack Moveaugie Aux on the pills. Special Forces on the throne… “grimey raw Hip-Hop, Boombox Riot Music.”Def Valle. Rest in PeaceDTES. Mad love to the desert.” – The Sufferkaterz, when asked what this album is made of

Make sure to check out and add The Sufferkaterz myspace at

Happy Holidays!