Expect this week to be a funky one. An odd one. A misleading one. Because this week, my friends, is a week of a FULL MOON. My favorite time of the month. Full moons are creepy, but interesting and always guarenteed fun. The man in the moon will be joining us on Friday night. So keep an eye out for owls, black cats, and witches on brooms throughout the week.

Also, keep an eye out for these posts:

1. Fresh Out the Blog. Have you heard of this store, or visited their blog? It’s the next best thing to LA in the desert. I got a chance to hang out at Fresh Out the Box with some fresh kids and I am writing up s fresh little review on it. Reboot, refresh, return.

2. New Image Art. Speaking of LA, I have a reason for you to go to LA this weekend. The Date Farmers are having a special showcase of their art at New Image Art. This show is going to be amazing. DJ Alf Alpha is going to be spinning there, in a spaceship. Yeah, spaceship.

3. Human Rights Day. On Wednesday it’s National Human Rights Day! Do you know your rights? Kids around the desert do. Come on the blog to see about some rights that you might not have known you had.

4. Randoms. I like random things. I like random things that I find on the Internet. Lock up your photos, or put out your best ones (depending how shy/not shy you are), I might just snag ’em and post ’em on the blog. Last week was video, this week is photo. It’s gonna be fun.

5. FREE: Films, Events, Music. More foreign films, more events, more good weather, more music. Every Wednesday.

6. Things 2 Do Thursday. Did I already mention there was a full moon? That means go out. Period.

7. The Official Date Farmers Art Studio Party Recap is posted. Scroll down. =)

Thanks for reading….come back soon!