It was Saturday, November 29th.  The highly anticipated Date Farmers Art Studio Party was finally going to go  down tonight in Indio, Ca.  

The sun had fallen behind the mountains so I proceeded to put my best t-shirt on and packed my party favors into the back of my car.  Frances and Tina of Frances the Farmer Organic Catering were cooking up the utterly delicious food for the party in my kitchen.  Alf Alpha just gave me the call that the studio was ready for the night.  The Date Farmers painted the walls, posted their latest works, and the DJ set up was up and running. 

Before I left my house to head out, I checked my horoscope.  It’s this ritual, actually more of a theory, I have that I  always have to see how the stars are aligned to be able to prepare for a night when a million things could happen.  Open the newspaper and what do I read:

With that in mind, I smiled and knew this night was going to be interesting…to say the very least. Started up the car and put the pedal to the metal. 

I pull up to the party around 9:00pm and there was already a nice flow of people coming in.  Which was unexpected, being that the first band, Sand Like Snow, wasn’t scheduled to go on until 9:30.  This was definitely my first sign as to what this night was going to be made of.  As I walk up to the Art Studio, Steven Preston is driving his car up onto the sidewalk, directly outside of the Date Farmer’s door.  Any other night, this might have been a tad bit strange and out of Steven’s character, but it  kinda enhanced the atmosphere and also was his source of light for filming the bands.  It reminded me of those desert generator parties out in the desert, except this was in Downtown Indio.  Shrugged my shoulders and continued into the studio.

Turn the corner to set up shop at the bar and who do I see but Johnny 5000.  

As I am setting up the bar area, Johnny 5000 and I geek out for a minute or two on how many people are already here, how many are going to probably show up, and that Sand Like Snow was going to go on in like 5 minutes.  Johnny 5000 grabbed his camera, adjusted the lens, and we agreed that we’d catch up later because I had my first customer and all sorts of people were starting to come in.

Date Farmers Party – Part I from Steven Preston on Vimeo.