This weekend the chances of finding that Golden ticket to the greatest party ever in the desert are slim to none. But don’t get all your hopes up just yet. There are some diamonds in the ruff to look forward to.

Earlier this week I said the Full Moon tomorrow is going to make things a bit interesting… and it shall. From what the astrologists say, tomorrow’s full moon is one that will come with many twists and turns, not all going the right way, some ending in rather unlucky and awkward situations. Meaning, some of you might end up getting dumped with the gooses and some of you might go flying through the glass ceiling. Only time will tell.
With that in mind, here are some events that should tickle your fancy, make you want more, and make you want them now:
Sad face. No Parties. Just go to the PS Art Museum for free and see a free Foreign Film.

Besides the M Modern event going on, already featured in the post below as a Highlighted Event, there aren’t any parties going on. Sad face, again.


Hey now… watch yourself… look what we have here… a par-tay! Chances are, some people will show up and it might be crackin’ considering it is the only party in the desert going on. Smiley face.

Okay, so remember two weekends ago, that Date Farmer Art Studio Party? When the Date Farmers were so kind as to let us use their studio to party like rock stars at? Well, it’s now time to reciprocate that love and go show some Coachella Valley art scene pride to these guys as they have an Opening Reception of their latest works at New Image Art Gallery in LA. In LA? Yeah… GO Support!