So, this is no “Date Farmer Art Studio Party Recap”, but I wanted to share with you what the Date Farmers where up to at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles this past weekend. We had a great time traveling to the big city and representing the Coachella Valley the entire time. Alf Alpha came along, of course, and keep the party bumpin’ the whole night. Needless to say, everyone had an excellent time, the word was spread about the CVAS blog, and next stop shall be London.

I love the Date Farmers work and I am so happy to see some local kids do it big. Congradulations you guys!

The Official Flyer

The Official Pre-Party. Around 4pm.
Check out what the gallery looked like from the inside.

Mid-Party. Vibin’ out to the music and checking out the art. Around 8pm.
Close up of the detail behind the work.

Party Climax. DJ Alf Alpha in the mix. Around 9pm.
Burning sage, scratching, and pumping up the crowd.

Taking shots with the galleristas.

End of Party. Around 10pm.
Typical LA. A bum walks up to the gallery and slangs records.

The Afterparty. Around 2am.
2/3 of the Date Farmers and fellwo artist friend, Albert Reyes, climb poles while drunk.

All in all. It was a success. Noteable names to mention that showed up: Natalie Portman + Modest Mouse + Current TV… and so did a few others, but I guess you’ll just have to go to the next one to see who all else digs the Date Farmers…

‘Till next time….