He has a sweet face, ladies. But don’t let that fool you.

J.A.H. is fierce.
J.A.H. and his art crew, Sky is Falling Art Kult, have been beautifying the valley one day at a time. Whether you have realized it or not. A little here, a litter there, and wah-laa… like magic their art has gone from the streets, to murals in the community, to the gallery.
The Sky is Falling’s most recent project is an Opening Reception tomorrow night at Janssen Art Spece in Palm Springs. If you haven’t heard already, the theme of their works will be centered around their depictions of a what a “modern day woman” is.
Of course, I took interest to this theme. Being a self-proclaimed “modern day woman” myself, I was naturally curious as to what the Sky is Falling Art Kult was going to come up with.
And in being the modern woman that I am, I responded to a bulletin posting of a promotion on Myspace.com to the “An Ode to the Modern Day Woman” flier that J.A.H. had posted. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing with the valley a little more about the show than just a flier.
So, without further ado, I present to you, the modern man’s hustle…
What type of art do you specialize in?
Meaning, whats your medium? the art of stealing, lying, serenading. on the paint tip my crew and i use everything we can get our hands on really. we use things like spray paint, acrylic, ink, and marker, and collage on everything from canvas, wood, metal, plastic and paper. we all come from a strong and heavy background of street related art forms. we do art that will look good on your wall and we do art that forces you to use more than 10 percent of your noggin, on some fuck the new world order shit.
What made you get into it?
i dont think i really had a choice when it came to painting and drawing its as necessary in my life as breathing or eating. i got my first sketchbook from my uncle. he gave one to all my cousins just before he died, i was probably like 6 and since then creating was always priority.
Can you remember your first piece?
haha yah, the worst. on canvas board, a black and white eyeball in acrylic on a burgandy to black spray paint fade. still have it.
Who and what is Sky is Falling Art Kult?
a Skys Falling Kult member is the visual terrorist and the freedom fighter. a group of shaman trying to get their point across. everyone in it has a completely different personality and way of being which is evident in the style of work. most of us are as cocky as it gets. easy on the eyes. a bunch a ninjas bein bout it. we like to keep the haters busy. and raising the bar.
How did you guys all come together?
truly it was the will of the universe. we’re all pretty sure it was pre-determined. i wont get into it too much but, paint, alcohol, drugs, talking shit, some by rivalries, some by fault. mostly doin what we do, real recognize real.
Can you tell me about some projects that you have done in your past?
well we’ve taken on alot of projects. were on a new one everyday really. but as far as shows go weve done a few here and there. la, the bay, desert. we had our first kult show in june at the red arrow gallery in joshua tree, they’re the best!
Let’s talk about your most recent project, An Ode to the Modern Day Woman. First and foremost, why did the Skys Falling Art Kult decide to focus on women? How did you guys come about that theme? And does everyone have a similar perception on what the modern day woman is to them?
i dont think it was our choice, the annunaki designed us to focus on women really. but its definetly like one of the top two things we focus on, the other being progression. i guess it would be safe to say the theme it came to us. uhm i think we generally have the same views on women, ya. all through diferent experiences and personal studies of course, but pretty much the same consensus. its amazing how easy it is to tell what girls have been through by observing their ways. and extremely surprised at how insecure the average woman is, its amazing.
From J.A.H.’s point of view, who and what is the modern day woman?
the antichrist. ha nah i dont know, shes tempting, not as good looking as her best friend, loves attention, likes to spend money and steal the powers of man. every girls different though but i would say the average woman in modern day america is on the hustle, they got points to prove, and souls to steal. but not all of em. respect to the good lil mommy’s out there.
I also understand that there will be some painted models at the show? Tell me a little bit about that? Who’s painting who and why that medium?
yes there will be. no one is really assigned to anyone, but its gonna be a few fly honies we know. we’ll probably end up collabn’ on em, we work best in a “spur of the moment” fashion we dont really figure out details until were detailing you know.
Describe the venue, Janessen Art Space. How did you find them and what’s their relationship with the young art community?
Steve Janssen i met through a showing he organized with the Palm Springs Unified School District for a project called the 3 hour event. a couple of us were involved in it and we kinda pitched this idea we had for a show and he was real cool with it. i think we need more gallery owners like him in the valley, everyone else is so closed minded. selling some fucking golf course landscapes and shit. hotel art, been done a million times, safe topic, fools only big off some fake hype, abstracting from nothin ass ninjas is all you seem to see in the galleries out here you know. people wonder why they go under you know, everyone else is selling what you got mang.
What can we expect to see from J.A.H. and the Sky is Falling Art Kult in the future??
you can expect to see bigger and better thangs till we drop. one thing i really want to devote my time to is first working and organizing shows for the dope unseen artists out here. theres a ton and they all go unnoticed just becuase they dont got theyre hustle right. maybe organize some contests or just group shows. my homie simbulan i think is the only one really doing it right out here. and you can only see what were doing if you look, ya know. if everyone took the time they spend on hating on the desert and how theres nothing to do; and convert it into building the desert and making something to do, we’d all see alot more of everyone. like even if its not your event or you cant go, promote that shit, hype it up. do something with your life mo suckaz!

Some work from the Sky is Falling Art Kult that will be featured at the gallery:

Click on the flyer to enlarge:

Hope to see you there….