“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel

Fashion. A word that evokes different thoughts in different peoples’ minds. Pretentious to some and an everyday lifestyle/freedom of expression to others. Some follow trends, some break them, and some create them. One thing is for sure, they way in which one dresses can say a lot about them. Or, at least, what they want to say about themselves to you.

I hadn’t had a Girl of the Week feature for a couple weeks and I was kinda bummed about it. I had this one chick in mind though. She was this young girl that I had seen around at some shows, I had never spoken to her, but she had a definite stand-out style amongst the desert party people. I really dug how bold she was with her choice of colors, accessories, and hair length. When I spotted her at the Date Farmers Art Studio Party, with her hair freelessly flying all over the place, headbanging to Slipping Into Darkness, I knew she had to be the next Girl of the Week. But it took me a couple weeks to actually track down who she was. When would I asked the bands… “Hey do you know who that chick is with that hippie style and long hair?”, they all knew exactly who I was talking about, but didn’t know her personally either. Hmmm…. made it even more interesting…
So, for all those who are fans of people with swagger, fashion trends, or just curious as to who that girl is… I am happy to finally introduce you to the stylish, mystery girl herself, Brie Beaudin….
Brie (Mae) Beaudin
Cheezy… Brie like the cheese… most people get it.
Astrological Sign? Aries
How would you describe your style?
A thrifty collaboration of sorts and decades. Colorful. Exuberant.
Do you have a fashion trademark?
Body paint and headbands. Body paint: it’s a temporary artistic expression and just overall fun with friends and strangers :]. (i carry it around everywhere so if you want a painting, it’s on). Headbands: an ironic play on stereotyping. A comfort zone. A subtle way to show natural element’s through symbolism in beaded colors.
When going out before a show, what do you usually think about when putting your outfit together?
Colors mainly. Basically I pick out random articles of clothing, put them on, check it out and see if it makes me smile. If I smile I feel like others will too. Spread the love (haha).
What do you usually step out of the house in?
Most likely whatever I slept in. About the same type of outfit I go to shows in. Colorful outfits just make me feel a bunch more lively. I promise I shower.
Who do you look to for fashion inspiration?
I don’t really find inspiration within celebrities or society’s figures. But, I meet a lot of overly fascinating homeless people who don’t have a choice what they get to wear or care at all and I find inspiration in the careless, yet vibrant outfits they’re spotted in. It’s all about the way you pull it off and the personality that seeps through appearance.
Who would you say is your favorite band to rock out in the desert?
Jungles. (haha) But they’re actually really good. Sailor on Shore! It definitely depends on the energy that exerts from the music. And I feel like they’ve got it.
What is your opinion on the desert fashion scene? Is there one? How do people typically dress in the 760?
I feel like the desert has a fashion scene just like any other major city with a wide range of stereotypical dress; preps, punks, indie, “scene kids” etc… you know.
What is your opinion on the Coachella Valley’s art scene? (not the website, just the scene in general?)
We have soooo many talented artists! It’s amazing. Pretty contemporary. But it feels like so many talents are still closeted, if that makes sense… there are a bunch of ways to publicize work but there is a grip of people who are naive in utilizing these, or maybe it’s the lack of want to learn and expand.
If you could time travel back to any year, which year would it be and why?
Pretty cliche but…I’d pick the decades of ’60s-’70s. Riots and marches aren’t as common as they should be these days. If something happens that the feeling of strong fault thrives, there is a definite need of outstanding expression.
It has been said that you can tell a lot by someone’s shoes. Describe your favorite pair of shoes.
Well, I acquired a pair of moccasins from St. Margaret’s Thrift Store for $2. My absolute favorite part about them is that they don’t have soles. There’s beading on the toes. There used to be leather string ties and fur but we took in a dog named Molly and she quickly rid of those. I own some cool pairs but I only really wear them when it’s necessary. Barefoot is the best way to be. Maybe one day it’ll be socially acceptable to be sans shoes.
Describe your favorite shirt.
A neon pink poncho with a colored thread design. It was blue tagged at Southwest Thrift Store one day so it was $1. It does get really warm sporting it though, but I can deal. It’s got the pop I like.
Describe your favorite headband.
Well, I recently lost it, (sad face) but it was the ultimate incorporation of elements ‘lemme tell ya. It had a cool Indian-looking design to start but I took it further with the beading. Using the basic life elements: water, fire, earth, and sky I assigned couplets of colors for each. Water:light blue/ dark blue, Fire: red and orange, Earth: brown and green, Sky: white and yellow. I beaded them following the design of the ribbon and then tied it with a shoelace. Back in the day when I had to bead on purchased ribbon with pre-made designs, now I use just string and beads and possibilities are endless.

To check more of Brie, visit her at www.myspace.com/howcheezy