The ways in which people utilize the Internet fascinates me.
Some people use the Internet just for business. Others for just leisure. Some to connect with family and friends. And for most people, it’s all of the above.
I definitely got the utilizing the Internet for the business and staying in touch with people down to a science, but sometimes I struggle with the leisure aspect. I watch a majority of my favorite television shows on the Internet (due to the fact that I gave up having a TV 4 years ago) but I never really know where to go to find all that quirky, silly, fun, random stuff.
A couple weeks ago, a site that hosted all the weird, quirky videos came to me. And I have been pretty fascinated with it ever since. This site is called and it finds all those videos that I had been looking for and posts it on the site. Just one click can take you into some new scientific revolution, or a funny video from the 80’s, or an interview about a cutting edge musician, or about…. nothing. Whatever you are interested in at the moment, you can definitely find it here.
One of the most interesting aspects about the site is that it is based out of the Coachella Valley and the man who runs the site, Sean Burford, formatted it all himself. I particularly like and respect that aspect of it. It really gives it that much more personality and fun.
Sean’s site is one of those websites that is really good to impress your friends with. Or even your family members. Or even your co-works. However, or who ever, you share your Internet experience with, make to to experience this site at some point.
Phinders keepers, losers weepers, don’t sleep on this site…..
Your name? Sean Burford
Your website address?Phinds. net
When did you start this website up? And why?
This web site was started back in August of 2008. I was always sending links to people of funny videos and unique content. Eventually enough people recommended that I should start a blog that I finally got around to doing it.
How did you format the site? Do you do your own HTML?
The site was formatted to be a site of observation. However, I wanted to define the the purpose of the site through it’s own design. I mixed natural elements with unnatural elements. I was able to learn graphic design and html on my own from previous web projects that I have created.
Describe some artifacts that can be found on your website.
My favorite has to be the Birds Playing Electric Guitar. I love the look, the sound, the color, and everything about it.I also talk alot about robots and their attack on the working class people.Stop the robot menace! Also, I recently filmed and edited an interview in collaboration with the Daily Dares blog and Five Thousand Photography with Kyle Divine of Dusty Rhodes and the River Band.There’s just lots of comedy, odd stuff, science, fashion, photography, and art.
Why might one want to visit your site?
Think of it as a substance filled substitute for television. Almost every day I upload arround 20 minutes worth of content. That’s about the average length of a television show, but with out ads interupting you. As the site grows, more content will be added. There’s currently over 200 posts on the site, which guarantees that you might find something to your liking.
What is the difference between the material that you choose to post and the material that you choose not to post?
There’s plenty to talk about how many bad videos are on the net. My favorite bad video that has been surfacing a lot lately are mini movies where people take scenes of them playing Halo and they then edit in dialogue. If it isn’t a sign of the decline of western civilization, then I don’t know what is. So I try to reach for material with substance or stuff that produces emotions a viewer wouldn’t normally feel on a regular basis. I am always trying to be ahead of what’s already out there.
What is your internet history? When did you start surfing the web and how do you utilize the internet?
Wow. I’ve been on the internet for around 14 years. AOL 1.0 user name Funkedy. I still don’t know what that name means. I use the internet for anything I can. From entertainment to practical necessities.I use it to promote my music and just recently I found the perfect recipe for lemonade.
Do you dare tell us some sites that you subscribe to? Or is that the secret to managing your site?
I am not big on secrets. I think society evolves when people know more. StumbleUpon is a major tool in my arsenal of stuff finding weapons. It’s a browser add on if you haven’t heard of it. Definitely check it out if you haven’t. Also, just constantly browsing other blogs and sites.
Do you have any other projects that you are working on?
I’ve got a lot on my plate lately. Currently working on a new band with some friends, which we just started not too long ago. I play drums for them. Always working on my solo music. Trying to work on more original content for Phinds including some possible comedy videos and interviews.
What do you plan phinds. net develope into?
I would like for it to develop into an epicentre for obscure videos making their way to the net. Eventually it will develop into it’s own voice. Then it will just be a matter of selling to the highest bidder. I smell a Del Taco sponsorship?
If I want to submit some good material for you, how do I go about it?
Yes! Please more material! E-mail to or message on myspace at myspace. com/phindsnet. No 40 minute documentaries about the Illuminati please.

Check it out at: