<--- Look who is coming to our home town.  
You really can’t deny how much you love Coachella.  Regardless of who is headlining, or in the smaller text, it is always an amazing experience.
And might I mention how I am excited to see one of the Beatles perform? I am.
Although, yes, I would like to see a better hip hop lineup.  I mean, how cool would it be to see Erykah Badu, De La, or Tribe, or Dr. Dre etc etc???  Get some classics in there.  That would be icing on the cake… or shall I say… ice cubes in my water bottle (at Coachella). (haha) 
So, anyways, back to the topic of hip hop… where Coachella lacks in hip hop, the Coachella Valley‘s art scene has got it covered.  This weekend supplies you with live hip hop (LA underground’s classic) acts and live DJ sets.  Where Coachella lacks in punk music, CV Punk Shows make up for it.  The kids from the real Coachella got it covered on Saturday.  And if none of the above are really that appealing to you, then Miss Jeeves is supplying you with some rock n roll.  
And for all you art enthusiasts, Friday and Saturday night both have art shows that will make your heart skip a beat.

Check this out.  This looks so dope!
(click flier to enlarge)
“Project Luz – Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl
Please join us in support and celebration, as the youth of Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico introduce us to their community & talent through photography.

Project Luz – Ejido Hermosillo
Project Luz presents the youth photography of Ejido Hermosillo, a document in images of this Sonoran border town through the eyes of its youth.

Friday January 30th
9pm- Free Entrance (donation suggested)
Mexicali Rose Community Gallery
Ave. Colima #1436 Colonia Pueblo Nuevo (between 6th & 7th)
b.y.o.b. – no glass

Project Luz Nezahualcoyotl video link:

Music by:


The CV Punk Show kids are awesome.  If you are out that way then you really dont wanna miss this.  I love the directions.  Can somebody say geocaching.com?
Are you an Aquarius?  Miss Jeeves is.  And it’s her birthday.  If you are in Palm Springs, then go swing by.   Birthday party, but no birthday suites please.  Except maybe Miss Jeeves.  haha.
Fresh Out the Box is fresh 2 death with 2 Mex.  This show is going to be dope, no doubt. Make sure to buy your ticket now or you can swing by the shop and pick up some shirt/pants/shoes/sunglasses/etc. that add up to $50 and then you can get some free tickets.  
Alright, so, usually I don’t like to play favorites here on the CVAS, but, I have to say this is my personal favorite event that is going to be going on.  I will definitely be here.  And I will definitely be the bar tender and I will definitely not be serving Bud Light or 2 Buck Chuck this time.  haha.  In comparison to the last parties, this party is for all those who are really down for the ART.  This show will also be featuring the dopest art in Southern California and one of the best DJs in Southern California.  And one of the best bartenders too (jk).  Anyways, I highly recommend this show and I really hope to see you there.  We are asking that you RSVP so that we can know how much booze to buy.  Try to RSVP by 5:00pm on Saturday.  And of course, spontaneity is always understandable**.  😉
Here are the artists that will be showcasing their art:
The Date Farmers.  www.thedatefarmers.com
Albert Reyes.  www.pimplywimp.com
Shizu Saldamando.  www.shizusaldamando.com
DJ Alf Alpha.  www.djalfalpha.com
rsvp at: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com
Hope to see you there!
Bring your decks
your black books
your autograph books
your mixtapes
your demos
your mom
your granny
Thanks for reading!  Have a good weekend!