Hello everyone. I am Sunny the Psychic. I use my crystal ball to predict the future.

This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog I will be foreshadowing all that will be featured.
My crystal ball is telling me that good things are to come. And although this will not be the busiest week here on the blog, it will be a solid one, in terms of content. I see explorations into different musical genres and reflections upon artistic endeavors. These reflections upon the immediate past, will eventually be the foreshadowing of more powerful, more exciting, and more endeavors to come. In addition to these reflections, there will be insight into the immediate future, events that will be taking place around the Coachella Valley.
Reaching out to the community for sponsorship and contributions is also featured in this week. This seems to be part of a bigger plan to bring unity in the community.
With all that being said, here are some pinpoints to what to expect this week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene:
1. Date Farmer’s Backdoor Art Studio Party Recap. Nobody could have predicted how amazing this party turned out to be. Cutting edge art from the Date Farmers, Albert Reyes and Shizu Saldamando filled the wall spaces and set a fun, spirited vibe. Only musical artist on the flier was DJ Alf Alpha until the night before, after swapping a couple text messages back and forth, Souloud, Icy Lights, Slipping Into Darkness and the Golden Animals came through as well. It is quite possibly safe to say that this last party was the best party as of yet. Although we are missing the wonderful talents of Steven Preston, there are lots of video and photographs that will be featured here on the blog. Also in attendance, Metromix Palm Springs.
2. Cactus Mart. Who? What? Where? When? and Why? All those questions that have been lingering about who this website sponsorship is will be answered this week on the blog. One of the “greenest” businesses in the game get a little Vitamin D shined on them this week on the blog.
3. Gangsta Rap. The website has attempted to hit all musical genres in the desert. An interview with a leader in each genre is slowly but surely being attempted week. This week on the blog will dip into the musical genre on gangsta rap. Some of the desert locals from around the way will be sharing their experiences as a to what it is to be a gangsta rapper in the 760.
4. Randoms. Random videos, random pictures, spontaneous combustion’s will explode on the blog this week. Stay tuned.
5. Fun Freebies. The Palm Springs Art Museum has another batch of cool things to do for free to serve up at the museum this week. Come back to see whats cooking in the kitchen.
6. The usuals. FREE: Films, Events, Music , of course. And Things 2 Do Thursdays, of course. Both will be going on strong this week. The weekend party forecast is looking good from here!
Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week and check back soon for more updates!