A wise man once said, “third time is the charm.”

This was to be the Date Farmer’s third art studio party. The first one was pretty fun. It was the first, so you know how that goes. The second one was overflowing with people right and left. It was a bit out of control. After that party we all touched bases and reevaluated what these parties were all about. And that was – the ART. So, going into the planning period of the third party we were looking to creative a very creative and fun environment. One that interested all the art enthusiasts around town. The date Farmers were to be showing their latest works and they invited two of the art friends from Los Angeles, Albert Reyes and Shizu Saldamando, to come down to the desert for the night. Shizu and Albert brought along their musician friends, Icy Lites. We all agreed it was going to be cool. DJ Alf Alpha was going to be spinning and we knew the party would be vibin‘.

The night before the party I get this idea that it would be cool to have Slipping Into Darkness play. I dunno, I guess I’m a big fan. So I text their lead singer, Michael, at like 12 midnight and ask if they could play the next night. After going back and forth, not only did Slipping Into Darkness confirm, but so did their musical affiliates, Souloud and teh world famous Golden Animals. I was stoked.

It was the night of. We had a full lineup. Date Farmers, Albert Reyes and Shizu Saldamando on the walls. DJ Alf Alpha on the decks. Souloud first, Slipping Into Darkness second, Icy Lites third, and Golden Animals to finish the night off.

The crowd started to pour in around 9:00pm or so. They were a cool group. They were there for the art and for a good time. Everyone was just looking around, checking out the art, listening to the music, just having a good time.

Not to kill the end of the story for you or anything, but this was by far the best Date Farmer party that we have yet. It was just what we wanted it to be and more. We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported. We hope you all had as good as an evening.
Here are a few pictures and videos for all those who missed the glorious event.
Next time… next time….

parking lot in front of the studio

Albert Reyes is also a performance artist.

Albert Reyes with the Date Farmers

Date Farmers

Date Farmers

Date Farmers

Date Farmers

Albert Reyes

Albert Reyes

Albert Reyes & Shizu Saldamando collabo

Shizu Saldamando

Shizu Saldamando

Albert Reyes

Party people

5000 Photography + 2 firme hinas

next to the backdoor at the backdoor party

friendly folks

hardcore sk8r

dont forget to tip the bartender

phinds.net and daily dares getting down

im seeing triples of doubles. trip out!

souloud playing so loud the cops came, photo by robert caldwell

souloud , photo by robert caldwell

souloud , photo by robert caldwell

souloud , photo by robert caldwell

souloud , photo by robert caldwell

cops came so we went inside

but we didn’t mind, it was cozy in there

then slipping into darkness took stage

michael durazo , photo by robert caldwell

harry larry of slipping into darkness , photo by robert caldwell

photographer,robert caldwell, getting a good shot

the wallfowers of the party, its cool though

stylin nigel of slipping into darkness , photo by caldwell

peek a boo

a little assistance from the audience never hurts

then the golden animals took stage and took us away

pretty dreamy, right?

she’s pretty amazing.

golden animals

sorry its a bit dark. to set the mood, the golden animals turned off the lights and lit some insense. it was pretty magical. the insense smelt so good. they were from the place right before you enter the joshua tree national park.

and to get the whole story without any edits. my friend over at phinds.net recorded the whole thing on his camera and it is very nicely edited. please enjoy, and please visit phinds.net.

Please check out the following artists who contributed to this very fun event:

Thanks you to all who came out! We hope you had a good time. And to all those who couldn’t make it, there shall be another one soon.