from the Coachella Valley Art Scene!

Saturday is Valentine’s Day. Here are some love birds from around the valley who have a lil’ somethin’ to cherp about….


he had his heart removed
to have the words
“be mine” and “I love you”
engraved on the aortic valve
and placed the muscle under
a new clear chest piece
this time he’d get his point across

For a half love atheist, half hopeless romantic, I secretly love this “holiday”. I think it’s partially because I’m a ovary owner, but mostly because I love crafting things up for the heart holder in my life. Even though I haven’t had anyone to gift for the circa 2k08-09 season, it’s still fun to think about. Maybe I’ll gift my friends something heart-fully awesome this year.
Daikon Ekletick

Vic, I’m sorry that I disappear and I can’t wait till I’m there. I love you.

– “kinda anonymous”

Im getting married on Saturday, so I wanna send a shout out to my wife, Ashley.
– Mr. !!mM.Fg!!

Virgo, miss me miss me now you gotta kiss me.

– Pisces

I wanna give a sout out to my GGB. She is the bomb diggity.
– Sarah