What’s up Coachella Valley?

Are you ready for this weekend? Are you still recovering from last weekend? I know for a fact I sure am.

This weekend I have plans to slow my roll down a bit. And it looks like the party people of the 760 have the same thoughts in mind. Although the party lineup is not completely stacked, there are interesting events to attend.

And I don’t know about you, but these parties make me a tad bit reminiscent of my teenage angst years. This could be a good and a bad thing… depending what you are looking to get into. My recommendation? Always revisit your past, some of the best things come from it. Don’t get it? You will.

And please remember, if you don’t see anything appealing in this post (which I doubt), then scroll down a bit and you can see all the daytime fun times in the FREE: Films, Events, Music post below.


No organized crime.


This is going to be the banger. Free food, merch, music, skate contests and over 300 people are expected to come. Maybe even Bart will come through! See you there!!!

After A Night At The Skate Park you can opt to make your way over to the Point After. Recently interviewed on the blog, Dekreped is going to be performing. Things are going to get hot and heavy in there. make sure to swoop on a cold beer or two.

If Bart was a real person, I think he would hang out with the CV Punk Show kids. That’s how bad ass they are.