As I pull into the parking lot at the Palm Springs Skate Park I text Johnny 5000, my photographer friend. The text went something along the lines of this… “Yo Johnny, come to the Palm Springs Skate Park. Alf Alpha, Slipping Into Darkness, and Sol District are going to do a show. There are going to be a grip of kids skating, prob 200+. Bring your camera, you’re gonna wanna shoot.”
I walk up to the park and not much to my surprise there are tons of kids already skating around. Alf Alpha is playing the jams at the early hour and everyone is just vibing out. I meet Glen, of Epidemic Skate Shop. Glen lets me know that in about 15 minutes there will be free pizza, Jamba Juice, and Vans Skateboarding give-a-ways. Sounds good to me.


Next thing I know, I turn around and see Johnny 5000 walking up with his camera in hand. He was ready to get down to business. We talk for a minute about how dope this show is and then we separate into different paths to each document the night. (johnny’s pictures will be linked up to this post very shortly)

Everyone was chillin out and warming up before the big skate competition.

Before the official skate competition was going to start, I thought I would do a little crowd surfing….

It was time for the skate competition – the Best Trick on the 9 Stair. Unfortunately, I only had 1 gig on me in my camera, so I couldn’t get any of the tricks, but I did get Sol District. I have seen Sol District a bunch of time before, but I swear, something about this performance was extra special. I don’t know whether it’s all that time traveling they have been doing or what – but they did a great job.
And for the skaters – omg, they are down to ride or die, for sure. These guys really put it to the pavement. Literally and figuratively.
Next up was a change of location, band, and competition. We all moved over to the bowl for the Best Trick in the Bowl contest. It was really cool to see each guy catch air as they whipped around in the bowl. It was so crowded with so many people that I couldn’t get a good shots, but I did get a good video of Slipping Into Darkness rocking out, pumping up the skaters to go harder.
After the Best Trick in the Bowl competition was over it was time for the grand finale… Award Ceremony and Product Toss. Once they announced that product from Epidemic Skate Shop and Vans was going the kids went nuts and all crowded around the DJ booth.

The night was a lot of fun. Big thanks to Epidemic Skate Shop, Vans Skateboarding Company, Palm Springs Skate Park, Alf Alpha, Slipping Into Darkness and Sol District.