Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today is the day for green gear and as the desert gears up for the day of all things green we celebrate with businesses and blogs from all around the Coachella Valley whoare eco-friendly.
Proud to claim that the Coachella Valley is one of the most awesomest eco-friendly places to be, and here are a couple of links that prove why it is what it is.

It’s easy being green, don’t listen to Kermy.

Some links that I like:

Local and national postings about green events, homes, cars, water, carbon footprints and web links

This is a blog created by Karen Riley who runs the super cool & cute S.C.R.A.P. Gallery. It is the art museum for the environment for the Coachella Valley. Visit the gallery at http://www.scrapgallery.org/.

This is an awesome site dedicated to a bunch of businesses in downtown and uptown Palm Springs that are joining forces to become more eco-friendly. See what they are all about and how you can not only get involved, but benefit from their cause too.

Cool site that invites people from around the desert to meet up with some locals who are interested in making their lives here on planet earth a bit more peaceful and green-friendly. Start with your home and reach out to the world.

You know I love the web address. I also love the message! Check it out: “Welcome !The purpose of this site is to serve as an information hub for all events, resources and news related to green living and sustainability in our beautiful city of Palm Springs.”

This site is dedicated to all those who build homes. Build them green!

So, it just so happens that I happen to be working on a side documentary project with some good friends of mine that is actually relevant to this website. “Slow Food came to the Coachella Valley in January of 2007. As a group we are dedicated to educating Slow Food Members and the public on local agriculture, identifying heritage foods that are a part of our cultural identity, and promoting the values od sustainability, cultural diversity and the pleasures of the table.”
Speaking of food, if you are a seasonal organic and sustainable ingredient enthusiast, then this is a must.
Hey good lookin’ what cha got cookin’. If you are a good chef or are on a budget, here are the ingredients to living the high life.
I love our windmills. And the environment loves the windmills. They are the machines behind the power that you are using as you read this. So, respect your local windmill!
The City of Palm Spring’s Sustainbility Plan.
Riverside County’s Backyard Composting Program
As the nation’s first transit property to convert 100% of its fleet overnight from diesel to natural gas, SunLine Transit is in a league of its own. Its vehicles travel more than 21 million passenger miles per year, covering over 556 bus stops located throughout a 1,120 mile-service area.
Some other links that I find super awesome: