Okay… so I know I am supposed to contain my composure and all that … but I can’t . This party is going to be amazing.
If you are inetersted in the desert’s rock histroy music scene in any way at all – then you need to come to this. This is kind alike…. uummm… getting to know some of your family’s history, roots, upcomings. Just turns out that your family is amazing talented, fun to party with and conventially located at the El Dorado Ranch at the Polo Fields next Friday night.
Next week I am going to be introducing you to some of your most amazing Rock n Roll family members, but in the meantime I will hook you up with some music videos so you can get a good perspective on what I’m talking about and why this show is going to be as good as I say it’s going to be.

okay okay these are just teasers…. come back next week to get more info on this show

look for the Other Desert Cities magazine on location too =)