Why? Right?
Like, why would I post this picture? Well, you see… this weekend is like one big variety show in the desert. As it always pretty much is. But this weekend in particular is a serious mix up of events and shows. Friday night brings you two options… a graffiti-inspired art show at Fresh Out The Box and then a pop/rockish kinda show at Shenanigans. (And excuse me if I am politically incorrect with either of those two art genre labellings. …)
And the shenanigans don’t stop at Friday night. Saturday night offers a night of mayhem and confusion and radical partying in Thermal with Dekreped and other bands. But, on the slight chance that Deude Fest doesn’t interest you, then you have the local hot spot of month, The Point After, serving up a new lineup headliners with a solid DJ lineup consisting of Smoke1 on the tables.
Keep in mind that these shows listed below are our night time assortment of sweets, and if you scroll down a bit lower on the blog, you will see the various varieties of daytime activities to do around the valley as well.
So – you wanted variety? You got variety.
Not enough variety?
The CVAS blog’s Springs Break Guide is below this post.

But, for all those posting up in the 760:


An art show! Good thing about this show is that if you can’t make it on Friday night, it will continue to be up for the remainder of the weekend. But, why would you miss Friday night? There is no excuse. FOTB is centrally located in the Coachella Valley (Palm Desert) and it’s free to get in. Plus, it’s only going on from 8pm – 11pm, so you can always hit the bars later if you want. And wait – what’s that in the red?? “Live DJ and free beverages”????? Oh snap. This is definitely a party that you don’t wanna skimp out on.

If you can’t make it out to the free art show at FOTB, then you can always swing by Shenanigans in Palm Springs for some shenanigans. Symara Stone & The Monopoly & Perishment will be rocking the spot. Show starts at 9:00, so if you can… you could quite possibly make it to both??? Give it a shot.


The Point After switches it up a bit on Saturday. DJs Smoke 1 and Raw Kwell take the Sky Box Room and new bands, Se7en4 and In Silence will take the downstairs room. Should make for an interesting night…. 18+, 21 to drink, pool table. =)

I have a feeling that thi party is going to be pretty awesome. But, I always have thoe feelings about parties way out in Thermal. I dunno, true desert rat I guess, but i LOVE Thermal parties. And with this lineup, I mean…. you’re guaranteed a good time. Anybody know what Duende means?? Should I be embarrassed for asking that? I suddenly feel like I should…

thanks for reading everyone!! hope you enjoy my writings. make sure to keep coming back for more details. have a safe weekend!

if you have any questions, comments, party flyers, whatevz… email me. thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com