Fatso Jetson
“is an American desert rock band from the Palm Desert, California area, formed in 1994 by ex-Yawning Man members Mario and Larry Lalli, along with Tony Tornay. The Lalli cousins are often credited as the fathers of the desert strain of stoner rock later made famous by bands such as Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and Queens of the Stone Age. While musically similar to some of their stoner brethren, Fatso Jetson incorporate a broader variety of musical influences that includes punk and surf.” – wikipedia

Full Albums
1995 –
Stinky Little GodsSST Records
1997 –
Power of ThreeSST Records
1999 –
Flames for AllMan’s Ruin Records
2001 – Toasted –
Bong Load Custom Records
2002 – Cruel and Delicious –
Rekords Rekords
2007 – Fatso Jetson Live (LP) – Cobraside

Single and EPs
1998 – Split 7inch w/
Fu Manchu – Sessions Records
1998 – Split 7inch w/
The Bloodshot – Miracle Records
1999 – Split 7inch w/
Fireball Ministry – Cattle Prod Records
1998 – Welcome to Meteor City – Meteor City
1999 – Graven Images – A Tribute to the Misfits – Firebird Records
2000 – Stoned Again – Bongload Custom Records

Brant Bjork & the Bros
“have toured for much of the past 3 years all over Europe, The States, Canada, and Australia. BB & the Bros live shows are fast becoming recognized as the best live rock and roll going and as Aussie rag put it, “The closest thing we’ll get to seeing the Hendrix Experience.” The Bros first group record, SAVED BY MAGIC, was released in August 2005 on DUNA RECORDS and their 2nd record will be released in the Spring of 2007. Brant Bjork and the Bros are guerilla rock revolutionaries…taking back the rock and letting it roll.” – www.brantbjork.com

“Make no mistake…we’re a real band. Musically speaking The Bros bring it. Organic Rock. It grooves. It Flows. It’s psychedelic. It’s tough. It’s beautiful. It’s Classic. The future is now and Brant Bjork and The Bros are here. – Brant Bjork”
2006 saw the release of
Sabbia, a stoned-out “visual soundtrack” by film maker Kate McCabe. Sabbia brings the low desert and landscapes of California onto film with a full soundtrack by Bjork. Brant cites that the motivation of Sabbia was to bring the desert scene to a lot of people who haven’t experienced it for themselves.

Half Astro
“origins… Marcus, Brandon,my son Quanah and myself were kicking it @ the Galaxy in Santa Ana, watching the Adolescents, Agent Orange, & The Crowd – 3 of my all time favorite bands. I remember thinking to myself how rad it was that these bands were still playing… & sounding great! I remember how happy it made me feel that Quanah (12 at the time) was finally able to see REAL bands. Marcus, Brandon & I had been in prior incarnations of the Del Padres, but never all @ the same time. Brandon playing Guitar, then bass – & Marcus playing bass later on, even though he happens to be an extremely fantastic drummer. None of us were doing anything musically. I hadn’t played for a couple of years. I think the Adolescents were playing when it dawned on us to start a new band. So I rounded the kids up and then it came down to… who will play bass? The first person that came to mind was Billy Cordell. Being an intense bass player, I thought he’s bring a lot of energy to the band. I had played w/ him in Decon about 10 yrs ago. Turns out he was free as well – awesome! For us, being in a band is about having fun – not about being Rock Stars. If that’s considered doing it half-ass(tro)ed, so be it. So join us in our quest to conquer… NOTHING!! Resurrect punk rock ethics & ideals – forget about fads & fashion! Or as we in Half Astro say…”Ruh-roh! – Let’s Go!” (well…some of us)
p.s. Ahh, fuck it! Fun is over-rated. Go ahead – be rock stars. Fuck punk ethics & ideals. Fad-out & fashion frenzy! We don’t give a shit!!! It’s your life. Waste it however you want!!! 🙂 P.S.S. Shut up” –

Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss
“could drown in the Open Mic Ocean, but they don’t. For starters, having a front man who doesn’t play an instrument gives audiences something to focus on, while Schloss provides harmonies that the solo acoustic world isn’t afforded. This duality allows the pair to step outside their usual scene (they play in Southern Californa punk mainstays Throw Rag and the Circle Jerks, respectively) in favor of a soulful country/folk/ragtime/bluegrass/gospel hybrid that serves as a perfect foundation for Wheeler’s hair-raising vocals and Schloss’ ornate strumming/picking combination. Whatever it is, it works.” – OC Weekly

Sol District
“back in November of ’02 the first two members hooked up. Sal and Peter. Peter had just returned that December from out of state and had been playing the DRUMS for about two three years, and Sal, who had remained in the desert, had been playing the GUITAR for a little less than a year. The two started jamming in Peter’s Garage after Sal and peter decide they should start a band. Sal, about two weeks into jamming, brings in a friend, Robbie, who wants to be in a band and who had been playing the BASS for a couple months as well. So obviously, you cant have a band without a bass player, Peter meets Robbie, and the “Backbone” of the band begins to wind together. About a week after Robb-O joins, Sal speaks to the other members of a friend who plays the GUITAR and had been playing for about a year and a half. The band jams with him a couple times and decides “Edgar” is the second guitarist. The band started learning to play together by covering a number of different artists. Bands such as THE SEX PISTOLS….THE RAMONES…..WEEZER….THE HIVES….WHITE STRIPES….and others. From then on, THE UNEMPLOYD was almost complete. The one thing left to be filled was the spot of the singer. The band has actually gone through THREE different “singers”. -“singer” one….was a friend of the two who started the band and just said…”ill sing”. Peter and Sal gave no thought to this and said Yes without actually considering the following….’has he ever sang before?’ ‘can he sing at all??’. HORRIBLE choice. -“singer” two….was also a friend of the guys as well. He came around in May of ’03. He could not sing, and could not entertain. The band still had faith in him though. When it came down to the bands first show, the singer didn’t do shit. First, when at practices, the singer would not totally practice with the band. Sometimes would not show, and sometimes would forget his mic. The band got rid of him. -“singer” three…was a friend of Peter’s. Peter brought him in cuz this friend very much influenced the beginning of music in peters life. This one could not sing as well. He never tried to sing, and never sang in front of people. He had the personality, but just didn’t think he would serve as a good singer for the band. THE UNEMPLOYD WOULD NOW LIKE TO WELCOME…VICTOR MANUEL AGUIRRE…AS THE NEW VOCALS. ….YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…AT LONG LAST…THE UNEMPLOYD HAVE A SINGER.” – www.myspace.com/soldistrict

Sol District – Viceroy from Steven Preston on Vimeo.