If there was ever a weekend for rock n’ roll this would be it.
Not only are the classic desert rockers going to be performing this weekend, but the new kids to make a new name for the desert’s rock scene will be there as well. And this is all going down on Friday night, at opposite ends of the valley.
At time like these, I truly wish there were two of me because I wish I could be at both parties at the same time. Unfortunately, I can only pick one. Read further to see which one I will be attending and documenting the night away…
Saturday is going to be an adventurous one. Due to the greatly anticipated Friday night show, seems like Saturday night in the Coachella Valley is choosing to lay low. But! For those who can hang… and hang hard, there is a party going down in the desert that neighbors our. Our sister desert, if you must. This Saturday party is for all those ride or die music/party goers. Forget what you heard and/or know about Burning Man… the real deal is going down this Saturday. Scroll down to get down.


What more can I say about this show?? My post below, “The El Dorado Show this Friday!” pretty much says it all. The CVAS blog will be there, the guys will be there, the celebs (hometown, that is) will be there, every old school rocker and desert generator party goer will be there. Be there or be…..

…here. See, this is where my heart breaks in two. I love this lineup. This is going to be a damn good party too. If your are Cathedral City bound, then make sure you end up here.


Late night munchies? Borrego Mi Diego will gladly serve you some warm and crispy, never soggy, records to munch on. No, actually I am just kidding and am way off. This party is at the Anza Borrego Desert Skate Park and there will be no running water and no bathrooms. Some of the rules for the party are as followed: fires must be in a metal container, no shooting guns, and stay on the dirt roads while driving. If you ask me, this sounds like it is going to be mighty interesting. Whose down?
For all serious inquiries, check out teh website they made for the party:


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