I thought I would switch it up a bit and instead of posting a bunch of musicians, I would point out just a few other things that you should look forward too as well. One of them is the CVAS blog’s The Coachella Art Studios located exclusively in the camping section of the festival. More info on the art studios below.

Some things to be on the look out for at Coachella ’09:
The Coachella Valley Art Scene!
The CVAS Blog is running
The Coachella Art Studios
exclusively located in the camping section of the festival.
We will be there all three days. It is an Arts and Crafts Ceneter that is free and open to all campers. We will be there from about 10:00am – 12:00pm. This is a great way for anyone camping out and pass time between when you wake to when you go into the festival. Plus, you get to make a piece of art with a bunch of other campers and take home something that you will remember forever.
(remember to revisit the site after Coachella to see everything that went down. plus, there will be a recap on the CVAS blog, of course.)

also, keep an eye out for….
The Do Lab




and don’t forget about the lovely…

Lucent Dossier

honorable mentions:

* water fountains

* plastic bottles

alrighty… adios everyone! i’m on my way out to the Polo Fields right now! =)